Naomi Elizabeth and I.E. on your mobile cellular phone!

It’s finally here! “Pearl Diving” The anticipated Naomi Elizabeth and I.E. collaboration mobile game. Artwork and score by Naomi Elizabeth. UI Design, Programming and SFX by Margot Padilla. This game takes the player on an underwater journey regarding business and safety.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.20.01 PM

Be careful there is a shark or an angler aiming to stop you from gathering shiny sea pearls. Pick up pearls they are beautiful and will be used to purchase fun items in the treasure shop. Choose your diver,  you can play as Naomi Elizabeth or Margot Padilla of I.E.


“Being a cartoon is hard work, but it’s worth it at the end of the day.”-I.E.

As an expert diver your main goal is to never stop diving that’s what you love to do because you just love to keep on going in general. Thanks for the support and enjoy the game it is completely free!

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Rave of Thrones

It sure has been a great deal of minutes since our last post. We seem to have shimmered from your sights. Poof! Here I am for a moments time. I promised to post about our recent adventure to Rave of Thrones, the Game of Thrones themed rave with DJ Kristian Nairn a.k.a DJ HODOR.

The event was spectacular. Never have I imagined attending a rave based upon a television series, based upon a fantasy novel series. It felt very good to be amongst others who enjoy the series and electronic music so much that we all attended a themed rave that took place on a Wednesday evening from 10 p.m. to  2 a.m. having resulted in the shortest rave I’ve ever been to. It was immensely magnificant, the whole concept of this event was very cool. I’m so thankful and proud to have attended and dressed up in my best breeches for this. Clone wore her new cape and cloak and looked like a true beauty from the darkest of clouds above.

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Busta Rhymes, so fishy!

Pretty much all Busta’s music videos from the late nineties/early millenium used Fish Eye lens and I respect that consistency…

Something to think about!

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Enya; The Adventures


Back in 2011 Angie and I started a mini comic. It is a fanfiction comic inspired by Enya. We self- published the comic in Febuary 2014 and presented it at Los Angeles Zine Fest where it was warmly welcomed. We now present it to you all via the internet, here it is!

PrettyCoolland enya the adventures


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Blank by Bruce Reisman

Blank, the new play by Bruce Reisman, had my handsome Valentine and I wiping tears by the end. It’s 1947 and a famous playwright, skillfully played by Joel Bryant, has released himself from a mental hospital. Soon after, a young novelist Tom, convinces him to adapt his novel into a Broadway play. Their collaboration sets the stage for the men’s roller coaster ride of emotions. Kris Black is terrific as Tom especially while delivering a regret riddled, heart squeezing, closing monologue that leaves you thinking about a hopeful sadness. Hawk D’Onofrio is sweetly charming as the typist Charlie. His ease and trustworthy friendliness contrasts the other men’s more manic neurosis. Donna Scott and Kabby Borders are delightful as Logan’s sparing former and current wives. Farah Fath hurricanes through as Charlie’s no filter wife, Nora, ironically shining light on the situation. Fath delivers Nora with humor and poignancy that will put a smile on your face. The intimacy of the Ruby Theatre at the Complex, in Hollywood, makes for a delightful theatre experience. I can’t believe you haven’t even seen this yet. Better get those tickets. . Check out the facebook page for more info.

Bobby Paradise and the Cast of Blank

Bobby Paradise and the Cast of Blank

Words by Bobby ParadisePhoto by Erik Anaya 















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Don't care how I want it now.

Don’t care how I want it now.

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Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2012 Recap

The first day of Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2013 is upon us. To celebrate, I’m finally posting our Ren Faire photos from a YEAR ago lol.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Ren Faire game faces: on.


Renaissance Pleasure Faire

This guy is killing it from head to toe.


Renaissance Pleasure Faire

This was an amazing free form battle. I can’t believe we got to witness it.


Renaissance Faire Buds

Look who we ran into – Renata, our favorite Vulcan!


Renaissance Faire Beard Braids

Beard braids!


Renaissance Faire

Working it with that turkety leg.


Renaissance Faire Turtle Race

Now this is the attitude I’m looking for in a turtle race game master – ultimate zen.


Renaissance Faire Hunters

Hunters score big game at Ren Faire – a tri tip chili bowl!


Renaissance Faire

The Queen’s College.


Renaissance Faire

It’s nice to have a mage or mercenary of some kind silently looking out for danger so you can enjoy your lager.

We’re going to try to make it to our first Gay Day on May 4th! Will you be there??

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Resistance is Futile ~ Star Trek Art Show


What a fun night I had a couple weeks ago at the Q Pop Shop!! There was a Star Trek art show called “Beam Me Up” where tons of folks spent their Saturday night on Feb. 16 – quite the eventful meeting of the United Federation of Los Angeles Star Trek lovers. Here’s a link to the sweetest Q Pop Shop exhibit of the year – Beam Me Up!

There were all sorts of paintings and sand drawings of various Star Trek series characters, embroideries and action figure collectibles, antique tricorders and screen-printed shirts, tons and tons more. I didn’t get to drink any Romulan Ale. I heard it sold out pretty early in the night, so I’ll have to get it next time! The dj was supposed to be playing “Star Trek tunes” but I couldn’t hear a thing, wish I had some borg implants to help me hear better!! Hahah.

Anyway here’s some photos of the show. I’m hoping to attend a convention this year, wish me luck! :)

Star Trek Art

Glitz & Glam & Nerds

There was a huge line to see the Star Trek exhibit at Q Pop Shop!! Everybody wanted a piece of the future!

Star Trek Art

Epic Gadgets

There were so many communicators and tricorders!! It was super classy gear and original Star Trek style.

Star Trek Art

Art by Anna Hollingsworth and ‘Neon Spock’ by Kevin Sukho Lee (avail. here)

Can anybody guess who the top painting is? He’s a special guy for Star Trek, definitely a special guy. And of course, Spock keeping it logical.

Star Trek Art

Red Alert

This couple was so cool! The dude made both costumes and he owned all the gadgets on display in the previous photo. I asked for a photo while debating what series is the best, too awesome… (we agreed TNG then Voyager).

Star Trek Art - Worf

Worf by Nick Bachman and Susan Nguyen (avail. here)

This won my heart, what a jem. You can practically hear Worf growling!!

Live Long and Prosper,
Jesse Marie Picard//Di Carlo-Wagner

Thanks to Angie for telling me about the show and letting me write this article on the best site ever!!

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Building a Mystery Korn Hole Room

In the late nineties/ early millennium there was a secret place that spawned the world’s most famous musicians. It wasn’t a large city nor a small town. It could not be found on a map of any kind. It was a secret room which we like to call the “Korn Hole Room”.

This “Korn Hole Room” was not a place for playing the traditional game of Cornhole that we all adore. It was a room where stardom was incubated. This room contained a luminous magic that could help propel a human person from being unknown to world famous. All that  was required of this human person was to have the ability to sing or speak in a manner that was indecipherable. The light energy would engulf the singer/rapper as he or she performed an entire musical song and like magic, the human person would become world famous.

Korn Hole Davis

Korn Hole Davis

Musicians such as Korn and Lil’ Wayne have reaped the benefits of performing in this secret room. After performing the single “Freak On Leash” in the fantastical room, Korn dominated the musical charts. The single was released in many places around the world. The music video if you look closely at the picture above, actually gives a glimpse into the mysterious Korn Hole Room. The video was hailed and won the Best Form Music Video award at the 2000 Grammy Awards Ceremony of Awards for Music and Music Videos.

Holes of Light of Succe$$

See Lil’ Wayne in the Korn Hole Room performing his debut hit single “The Block is Hot” The single was released on his debut album “The Block is Hot” which became #1 on Billboard’s Hip Hip/ R&B charts in 1999 and he’s been a household name ever since.

Juvenile Holes


Singer/ Songwriter Sarah McLachlan can also be seen performing in the Korn Hole Room. Her chart topper “Building a Mystery” debuted in the room back in 1997 before Lil’ Wayne and Korn was a thought in the Korn Hole Rooms brain.

Sarah in the Korn Hole

With all the mysterious success behind the Korn Hole Room, we became increasingly curious about it…WHERE IS THIS ROOM? WHAT IS THIS ROOM? we needed answers and we needed them fast mostly because its been more than 10 years since this room was even relevant.

The answers to all of our Korn Hole questions were answered after watching the entirety of Sarah Mclachlan’s video for “Building a Mystery”. The Korn Hole Room was none other than…

Sarah’s Korn Hole Dress

Sarah McLachlan’s Dress!!!! It’s a Korn Hole Dress! By god, why didn’t we think of it before? It makes sense that this beautiful women with her beautiful heart songs would have the soul bearing ability to wear a dress that is a room which illuminates success upon aspiring male musicians!

Korn Hole

Korn Hole

It’s revealed that a seamstress man wielded the gown especially for Sarah. The magical seamstress man remains a mystery for us still. We have only screenshots of what he looks like and they are not well lit.

The magic, we suspect, is wielded into the fabric and a magical light is ignited. The carefully placed korn holes allow just the right amount of high power light through and into the skirt of the garment.

Korn Hole

Korn Hole

The only question we had left was how it was possible for Sarah to be both wearing the dress and also be inside the Korn Hole Room? Don’t worry we figured it out.

There is a single hole which allows the chosen one to pass. This hole only allows the one who can activate the magic that lies within dresses fabric. This human is Sarah McLachlan without her it would merely be your everyday Korn Hole dress.  Mystery solved, K thanks.


Holdin it in

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Rollin’ Hard: Beautiful Katamari

Pretty Cool Land’s Royal Court Presents…

Beautiful Katamari

Lord and Lady of the Cosmos

While on an all-American, West Coast vacation, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow! this is so beautiful. So beautiful that I really want to roll all of this beauty up into a ball. The cows grazing in the meadows, roll em up! The picket fences and flower patches, roll em up! the sea shells and drift woods, roll those up too!”

What?! Why would anyone want to roll up the beauty into a ball? Well, when you spend countless hours playing the third-person puzzle game Beautiful Katamari you might begin to understand.

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