One of the most exciting and impressive booths at E3 was Nexon America’s. Before E3 We had received emails from several Press Reps asking us to schedule times to meet with developers and watch demos of new upcoming games. Some of them sounded cool but very impersonal the emails you can really tell were just mass emails with no personality or flare. When PR Robert Holtzman emailed us it was different I got the sense what he had to show us was really important. I was right!

I had already played Maple Story a game that was released by Nexon Korea. if you know anything about MMO’s you know that Korea is one of the leaders in this industry.

In the demo room we were shown in game demos and trailers from all the new games was releasing some are availible already!  the producers each presented they’re game and let us know exactly what each had to offer it’s players. My favorite was Dungeon Fighter.

Dungeon Fighter is a cool arcade style beat em up game with rpg features and mmo capabilities which we all love!

luis reyes

luis reyes

Luis Reyes is the Associate Producer of Dungeon Fighter. It’s like Street Fighter/Renegade Brothers/ World of Warcraft all in one! This game is very popular in China. It has classic 2d graphics i love.  My favorite of the different characters you can choose from is Female Gunner and Slayer.

Female Gunner’s are special girls who are mandated to train and become part of an elite imperial guards division called Imperial Princess Garden. You can specialize in ranged weapons, launched or other amazing weapons that can blow any enemy to hell!

Slayers are cursed by a demon and are doomed to wield weapons with only one arm. The by demon within is held at bay chains that prevent him from using the other arm it’s a long honorific story with one arm these dudes kick major ass and also have the power of magic behind them.

The game is free to play and download. Your character becomes more unique the more you play and the more money you earn it’s all around awesome!!! Thank you NEXON visit Nexon has to offer!



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