Seo Taiji & Boys

In the late 80s, it was every god-fearing, mall-going, korean girl’s fantasy to experience her first romance with this man:

image via lollipop adventures

vbs (vacation bible school) was only tolerable because i got to watch my friends fight over every circle-glasses-wearing boy they could find. who is this man whose beautiful music inspired a generation of women to be attracted to circle glasses? the answer is seo taiji aka korea “culture leader”.

watch this video and experience for yourself a strange, sudden desire to date stylish, circle-glasses-wearing korean man. you may recognize the song from a little movie called “3 Ninjas”.

korean rice commercials would never be the same. and neither would seo taiji. his love and talent for rap took him on a dark journey into a cyber-alley filled with non-circle “sun” glasses and snowboarding gear.

of course, next logical step for seo taiji and boys was:

the gruesome depiction of a boy’s severe nose bleed from playing starcraft for  too long established once and for all that seo taiji is culture leader of korea. with or without circle glasses. now he performs these korean classics with a full orchestra for national events celebrating his rule.

a great resource for you to realize the greatness of real dear leader seo taiji is kim hyun joong’s personal recollection of being a young circle-glasses-wearing boy.

“Kim Hyun Joong who has long legs since elementary school, listened to songs by ‘Seo TaiJi & Boys’ when he is still an elementary student and indulge into music. ‘Especially after I heard Seo Taiji’s ‘It is Ultraman’ in year 2000, I started to completely fall for heavy metal genre.’”

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  1. Amanda
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    I haaaated vacation bible school so much!