Alfalfa Festival

We went to the Alfalfa Festival in Lancaster to visit our friend Adam this week it was so fun!! Carnival rides and barns and barns full of amazing art! You already missed Weird Al but the barns are still there. Until Friday 8/29. If you can’t make it, at least you can check out all the cool art we took pix of…


rhoda harwell's miniature leather sofa

mark lane's rock


skull dragon by alexis holverson

alien by justin bank



the prize winning carrots

live bees!


sports girl by curt gideon

cat by taylor edmondson

dog by paula cordova


cat by andrew larkin

wheelchair by pathpoint company

kiss by carolyn billesbach

dad by steve ponting

women by james takacs

wolf pack by victoria martin

Special Collections

rosa fear's new moon collection

mark pace's translucent arrowheads

dakota gordon's straw animal collection

brianna gibson's polly pockets

and Fun!

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