Baby V.O.X.

Kickin’ it old school with Baby V.O.X. in the house! Or as they would say “it’s time to bring that funky shit back back back back.”

(image source: singer pictures)

This was my favey kpop girl group back in the 90s/Y2K early millenium zone. Here’s why:

1. They look, dance and sound great!

2. They have a random N.G. Parade (aka Not Good Parade aka “Blooper Reel”) running through the middle of their music video.

3. They made stationary.

(source: rate your music)

4. Here they are looking good:

(image source: crunchy roll)

5. Here they are with dogs:

(image source: mono2u)

6. This is the dress code I would enforce if in some nightmare situation I was elected Queen of the world.

7. They combined Korean with Spanish and created Spanorean.

8. The youngest member, Yoon Eun Hye, went on to graduate from Kyung Hee Cyber University and star in the super gay Korean TV Show “Coffee Prince”. In the show, she played a tomboy who is offered a job by a guy who thinks she’s a guy. She goes along with it so she can get the job and ends up falling in love with her boss who also falls in love with her even though he thinks he’s a boy! So gay. Possibly my favorite Korean drama of all time.

Here’s a clip:

And here’s a picture of her looking more lady-like in a tiny bed:

(source: popseoul)

I hope I’ve convinced you with my 8 point analysis. You are now convinced.

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