Deathbomb Digital Singles Club

What’s a tape? Who cares! Deathbomb Arc’s Tape Club is going digital. For ten bucks you’ll get 2 unreleased tracks from a different band every week for a whole year. Plus occasional bonus songs. That’s even better than Columbia House. F you Groupon!

Get cool songs from Back To The Future The Ride, Captain Ahab, IE, Juiceboxxx, Foot Village, Kevin Greenspon, Sister Fucker, tik///tik and more.

From Deathbomb Arc, “Each week will be a different band covering a huge variety of genres from noise-rock to breakcore, from witch house to new age and more. Each digital single will have gorgeous art made for it by Mario Zoots of Modern Witch.”

The first band featured is Batwings Catwings. You can listen to them on Facebook or visit their blogs cLAy TV and skeletiquenoir or even see them irl at the Smell tonight.

Go to Deathbomb Arc for more info.

(image via kazete)

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