new moon

was so good. it was pretty much the same as the first twilight movie, except the coloring was brown instead of blue and there were werewolves. we went to see it at the discount theatre and the girl in front of us pulled out a bowl of spaghetti from her purse while we were waiting in line.  it looked like the theatre was filled with girls from all over the world. it was really fast paced and funny. i got way serious into the wolf story line and now i know i’m definitely team jacob. edward looked kinda pasty but duh hes a vampire. anyway i hope that bella ditches him. or maybe jacob will just find a way more awesomer lady. i cant wait for eclipse! btw, justin chon, who plays one of bella’s friends, went to my highschool. he was semi fresh off the biengi and had those awesome long skinny bangs with a buzz cut and wore giant pants.


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    AH! I’m missing a puzzle piece.
    Hey I want a cute picture of me you and margot for my hammie picture frame. I cherish it so much. Thanks again girls!

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    yeah lets do it! i love this site so informative about topics im really interested in

  3. angelica
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    aw, you guys! hammie pic!