<3 Planet X! Cool Girl Xenia Shin <3

Allow me to introduce one of Pretty Cool Land’s Coolest Girls ever,  Xenia Shin! She is a KOAM beauty with a multitude of  talents.

laco$te sticker picture

left:Rob Wilkinson Center:Xenia Shin Right:William Caruso

Xenia is front girl of one of LA’s most famous underground musical acts known as Laco$te. She captivates her audience with gymnast like stunts. She literally somersaults her way into the most intimidating crowd of spectators and demands their attention whether they like it or not. However, captivated by her stunningly cute looks and spunky persona even the most critical are simply left smitten by this rolling around ball of awesome girl energy.

Xenia definitely wears the pants in her musical family backed by Robert Wilkinson and William Caruso who are two of the cutest nerdy composers.  The duo creates a cyber-futuristic world using synths and oscillators and other circuit bent gadgetry. In this world Xenia reigns and translates the secrets of humanity as she travels through secret inter-dimensional worm holes. Her audience is taken along in her journey where they discover new sounds and feelings that they never knew possible.

Xenia’s voice is sultry and at times entrancing. You can’t help but be hypnotized  into this secret sci-fi world that although seems serious is more often tongue and cheek. Don’t forget that computers and cyber culture is fun!!! and FUNNY! <3 and Laco$te definitely reminds you of this.

Pretty Cool Land has recently had the privilege of being creative consultants for Laco$te’s newest music video “Numbers” which will debut when the new Laco$te EP drops. The new EP is entitled The Paradox of Time and is much anticipated by their cult following.

“Numbers” gives a new window into the world of Laco$te and Xenia.  Laco$te  for an instant goes totally K-POP! you will have to see for yourself what we mean by that exactly. We can tell you that this video is not your run of the mill HD DIY music video. Laco$te kept in mind while video quality is all the rage creativity is what solely matters and while most underground artists concentrate on minimalism Laco$te does the opposite with an intricate cinematic storyline and elaborate pro-lit sets. Which was impressive as fuck to put it lightly.

Pretty Cool Land met and helped out on the downtown Los Angeles set on October 18th here are some of the photos we nabbed!

Xenia is one of the most accomplished female underground musicians/performer. She knows who she is and never compromises what she wants to do artistically. We really love this about her no matter what the cost if she feels a certain element needs to be added or more monster voice is needed she doesn’t hesitate to make it happen. Xenia is a perfect example of an intelligent, beautiful and extremely talented girl who doesn’t give into stereotypes. She is all her own! She is a COOL GIRL!!! Please check out Totallymag’s! website for a full review of the new Laco$te EP The Paradox of time and be on the look out for this PCL “Cool Girl” She is definitely someone to keep an eye on she never ceases to amaze her fans and give them the best show she cares a lot about her fans! I should know I’m her biggest one! Thank you X for being so inspiring to other artistic girls who want to put themselves out there. You give them an example of how to just get up there and be yourself!

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