New KPops November 2010!

Psy “Right Now” – I give this video ‘best sexy office dancing’ + ‘cutest room of 2 men’.

Rainbow “Mach” – Here’s that stick hairdo I referenced in my hairstyle post. If our new kpop band ever performs, I’m totally going to wear this hair stick and kneel down so my bandmate can sing into it like a mic.

Rainbow “Gossip Girl” – Here is one of their older videos featuring a remix by areia. This song is notorious for it’s creative use of English. I say don’t hate because creativity is more important than English, right? How are we going to evolve if we keep trying to communicate in real languages? We’ll just get bored and die.

SNSD (Girls Generation) “Hoot” – They’ve taken the Wonder Girls 60′s spy theme to the next level. Actually, with 9 members anything they do would be ‘taking it to the next level’.

2NE1 “It Hurts” – I’m not into ballads but I love fog and frizzy hair and brushing it sadly.

Girl’s Day “Tilt My Head” – New girl group alert! Girl’s Day worked up some publicity over the summer by randomly showing up and dancing in shopping centers. As you will see, they have totally revolutionized the way microphones are held. Also, great smiley face style.

Girl’s Day “Nothing Lasts Forever” – Here is their newest video featuring intense fake rocking out session. The style and mood is really After Schooly (see below).

After School “Diva” – For old-times sake, here’s my favorite After School MV. Great song, great lyrics, great outfits, great dancing, great everything!

Orange Caramel “A~ing” – The three youngest members of After School formed this super cute cosplay offshoot group. Formed, as in, their producers told them to do it and then they did it. The song has a cute Trot vibe. Trot is Korea’s version of oldies if oldies were still being made. Make sense of my words!

Co-Ed “Bbiribbom Bberibbom” – Best new dance move + best use of special effect sparkles in live tv + cute. I’m assuming that they have the same producers as Girl’s Day, because their music video and publicity techniques are really similar. I just realized that this is ‘Telephone’ by Lady Gaga.

Miss A “Breathe” – Best cameo by a cyberg0th gas mask.

4Minute “I My Me Mine” – This one came out in the summer but I didn’t get a chance to share it. They strayed from their usual tomboy/hip hop style in this one. It’s kind of too sekshee for me but I like the song.

If you want to watch new KPop videos on a giant screen you should go to Home Cafe (Cafe Home?) on Wilshire and Kingsley (3377 Wilshire Blvd). It’s in the same plaza as the sticker picture arcade place. The drinks are a little overpriced but it’s comfy and fun to watch vids. They also have board games and are open til midnight (til 2am Fri & Sat).

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