Goth Metal Rave @ Downtown Disney w/Aural Vampire, Black Veil Brides & Birthday Massacre

We went to see Aural Vampire, a technogoth band from Japan, at House of Blues in Anaheim last Sunday and it was awsum! The singer, Exo-Chika, is a vampiress and her bandmate Raveman is cool guy who never takes off mask with flashing LED message “Rave of the Dead” even in everyday life flickr pictures.

Aural Vampire Exo Chika

As undead ravers, it was only fitting that they perform a cover of Zombie Nation’s classic “Kernkraft 400″. People seemed to enjoy the set even if they didn’t dance much. I don’t think they were expecting dance music because they were mostly there to experience dark feelings and stand only with head moving.

After Aural Vampire played, they chilled outside and we learned that they are really f-ing nice!! We are all really great friends now, as you can tell by Exo-Chika is touching my shoulder.

The guy in this pic asked his friend if he wanted her to take a picture with him too and he said no he wants her to bite him. Everyone thought she was really pretty because duh vampires are very attractive, they’re “the world’s most dangerous predator, Bella. Every thing about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell. As if I would need any of that… as if you could out run me… as if you could fight me off.” – Edward

Enjoy their music video for “Freeeeze!”:

We were really lucky that Black Veil Brides also played. I’d never heard them before but I saw a poster of them in Hollywood one time and was glad I did. They are like KISS/hair metal/emo and have an army of 13 year old girls called BVB Army. The singer, Andy 6, kept saying a bunch of cool stuff like “So suck my dick! This song is called ‘Children Surrender’” before dancing away. So cute!
andy sixx
(image via fanpop)

They were getting some hate via older dudes from 1996 so Andy commanded his army to scream “fuck you!” at them.

“Suck my diiiiick!”

He made a speech about hate/bullying that was really good.

Emo was so boring when I was in highschool. Like poetry drone noise about how girls/dads are horrible human beings. Way better now, kooky as fuk.
black veil brides andy sixblack veil brides scary

The Birthday Massacre was the headlining band. We were way into it. The singer, Chibi, looks like Fairuza Balk and performs the way most girls probably fantasize they would perform like if they were in a rock band. Jumping around, crouching, laying down, skipping, whispering, etc.
chibi birthday massacre
(image via vampirefreaks)

Here’s their video for “Looking Glass”

The main songwriter/guitarist Rainbow was really nice to everyone before the show. Gothic people are way nice and they rule. TBM fans are also talented and know exactly how to make a good gothic fan vid…

Girl lighting things on fire, reading letters from boys, looking in the mirror and being hilarious:

Girls being goofy while exploring deep themes about human nature:

Girl with fingers in face looking at camera with one eye:

Overall, a great night at Downtown Disney. Even before we got in it was cool because a guy in a hawaiian shirt was playing a gigantic drum/bongo set hitting only one piece at a time while playing a fake Evanescence song.
black veil brides free hugs

aural vampire anaheim

(sorry 4 lack of metal, think i shoulda called it “emo goth rave”)

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