WOW: Deathwing has escaped!

The highly anticipated expansion of World of Warcraft is almost here. The almighty powerful dragon Deathwing has escaped from his imprisonment and has scorched the entirety of Azeroth.

I have been playing a lot recently and while playing you can already see the changes that have taken place in Azeroth. Stormwind is on fire and according to my guild mate looks a little like “Roger Rabbit” land.  The high contrast technicolor fire blazes do look a little synthetic but it is still fun to see all the changes that have taken place in the world.

The whole realm of Azeroth is in danger the land is ablaze. Towns have been demolished Auberdine is now The Ruins of Auberdine. My night elf hunter let out a cry of despair when she stood looking at the mess followed quickly with an “LOL”.

It took nearly 4 hours to get the patches downloaded to get ready for Cataclysm. I lost about 3 days of game play because of this. I have a busy schedule, but it was worth it the world is totally new again.  Earthquake like shaking occurs in intervals reminding you that you are not safe. It is very exciting to re explore and feel the anticipation in the air.

I was highly impressed with the cinematic trailer for Cataclysm please watch you will not regret it!

The Expansion will have new characters you can choose from like mentioned in a previous article. Worgens and Goblins are the two new races to choose from with worgens being alliance and goblins being horde.  A preview of the female Worgen dance was just released to the public. It is modeled after  Lady Gaga’s  “Poker face”  routine. So weird and funny.

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