A Few of Our Favorite Places in the Inland Empire

We spent our whole Saturday roaming around the 909. It’s a land filled with tacos, rubber alien masks, raves and abandoned malls – the perfect place for hungry gamers.

San Bernardino
san bernardino
This is San Bernardino, home of Fun Corner.

fun corner
This is Fun Corner.

alf fun corner
This is an Alf poster board we got for a dollar! We love this place! The owners are awesome.

fun corner mace
We found some cool weapons for our World of Warcraft costumes here too. This is a mace for Margot’s hunter costume.

fun corner knife
And a retracting knife for my Defias Bandit costume.

carousel mall directory
We also dropped by the Carousel Mall, a once thriving community center, now home to the San Bernardino County Welfare Office.

carousel mall
What’s white, brown, looks like bird doo doo and grows on the ceiling of a nearly abandoned mall? I’m not sure.

carousel mall hot dog on a stick
“One spicy jack cheese stick please.”

yugioh 5ds carousel mall
I guess dudes have Yu-gi-oh 5D’s tournaments here now. Excellent use of abandoned food court.

taz courage
“Courage is absolute trust in your abilities, only fear can keep you grounded.” Whatever, Taz. What do you know about it?

foot locker
Foot Locker.

After the mall we went to Adalberto’s where I defeated the crunchiest taco I’ve ever encountered.

We went to a thrift store and found a copy of Cataclysm, pre-release!

san bernardino m&m
M&M holiday headquarters.

winterfresh san bernardino
We drove past this cool line for a rave called Winterfresh.

dragon marsh
Dragon Marsh is the best store in Riverside. You can buy dragon’s blood candles, clasps for your robe/cape, pentagram charms for your choker or just have a good time.

riverside weed shirt
This is Margot’s new shirt from Mad Platters. Very unique design.

antique mall riverside
Riverside has some of the best Antique Malls. They are endless mazes filled with dusty miniatures, books by rl stine, pink weapons, ancient housewares, itchy hats, nostalgic toys…

We also ate some delicious pho for dinner by UCR. Thanks to all the azn students, this neighborhood is morphing into a mini San Gabriel. It sucks that there’s less Indian restaurants now but I’m a sucker for stationary¬† and thai iced tea.

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  1. Amanda
    Posted December 10, 2010 at 5:58 pm | Permalink

    man, that city looks so so dark. :-( the tacos look really good though!!!

    • angelica
      Posted December 11, 2010 at 1:34 pm | Permalink

      they were good! it’s sad but it’s cool people are still havn a good time in there. there were families hanging out in there like it was a park! and those yu-gi-oh dudes. i’m definitely on the lookout for weird places to game now.