Darkmoon Faire LA 2010

darkmoon faire
So we totally attended this. It was at the Marriott in Torrance this past weekend. We only made it out to the last day but we got a bunch of free crap, met some awesome people and learned how to play World of Warcraft The Card Game. The event was sponsored by Cryptozoic Entertainment. There were some guys from Blizzard there too. If you beat them in a tournament, you got a free playing mat. We got to play with and take home the new Class-based Starter Decks and the un-released World Breaker packs which have all-new Cataclysm-based content. I got an in-game loot card too.

The winner of the Faire was Alex Gellerman, who won an iPad! Check out his intense game face.
alex gellerman wow tcg

We missed the Costume Contest but dressed up anyway.

Here’s Margot as a Hunter. Margot made the fur vest and cuffs and I made the cape :p
wow hunter

rpg cape rpg cape

Here’s me as a Defias bandit, one of my favorite WoW characters.
defias bandit defias bandit

The first time I encountered lady bandits was in a cabin by the lake in Elwynn Forest. A bunch of them came running towards me in low cut, tight outfits grunting and trying to stab me. I killed them easily. It was pretty funny.
Defias Marisa
(image via wowwiki)

Here are the actual winners of the costume contest, Maryssa and Cynthia Hall. Read this interview of them to find out how they made their costumes. Even though I look like the Paintshop version compared to them, I’m still proud. I mean, we mostly made everything by cutting up old stuff in our closet.
Maryssa and Cynthia Hall

If you’re interested in learning how to play, there are some hobby stores in the OC and IE that are participating in a charity event from Dec. 11-19. Just bring 4 cans of non-perishable food.

There is more info on that event and other battlegrounds and release parties on WoW TCG’s Facebook page.

(winner images via wow tcg)

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