Bacchus D “Does Christmas”

Bacchus DDoes Christmas” 2010

You may remember Bacchus D member Matt Zatkoff. He was the director of Laco$te’s newest music video for the single “Numbers” which has been awarded ‘best music video’ by Hollywood’s Reel Independent Film Festival 2010.

Matt is now promoting his own album. A Christmas album featuring some of the seasons greatest hits with a demented twist. This album is like Gregorian Chant meets Kids of Widney High. Sometimes I have no clue what is going on in the video for Silent Nigh, but that’s the beauty of it you don’t have to understand the message to see his skills of video editing are highly advanced and creative and worth checking out. Plus the meaning of x-mas is complicated I don’t expect Bacchus D to explain it all to me in one video but I think maybe its depicting the religious side of Christmas and how you should never forget that Jesus, the whale, died on the cross for your sins and that rowing a boat with a gigantic candy cane is a terrible idea especially at the risk of being eaten by Jesus, the whale. It’s all very complicated. Turn on the fire and roast your chestnuts to this amazing video.  If you think the video is amazing then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can download the christmas album for free! CLICK HERE! Prettycoolland would like to thank Bacchus D for remind us all about the spirit of the holidays and what it all means. Also we would like to thank them for making one of the coolest xmas videos of the season!

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