Official Nerd Culture Advisors


Pretty Cool Land made Brian Miller’s ‘Top Advisors of 2010‘ list on LA Record. “Every time we hang out I get to be a little girl again. Cute is all that matters, and nerdy is still a way of life even though the 1990s are gone.” Total pinpoint right there (he’s always down to play Perfect Match with us). Thx Brian!!! Check out our funky ass interview and find out who knows wassup bout dance music, cgi, g0th and more. Includes Jonathan of Captain Ahab, bff Melissa aka Dogchain and Rand of So many experts! Not to mention Brian, who is our awesome Dragonlance/Halloween/Burbank advisor.

Also, E&E’s Untitled made it into Brian’s ‘Top Albums of 2010′ at #4! Yay! If you haven’t heard it, it kinda sounds like a future version of Robotech soundtrack re-recorded on vhs. So pretty/spooky.

(image via hollyfluxx)

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