New KPops January 2011

Sistar is getting a lot of attention right now for their interesting dance moves, such as this butt wax move and their ability to dance in high heels, which only sometimes results in broken bones.

This dance is so good! And those elegant neck caresses. Wow. Shiggooluh!

I love the color grading in this video. So pretty.

So these girls are like stoned and bored and stuff and then they get a second wind and start dancing. The song totally reminds me of Bratz soundtrack! I’m talkin bratitude.

Whoa, intense. Fire, face caress, high five, polyester suit with fur shoulder puff – this video is crajy.

Check out these hairdos. Teen Top is a great name for a band. So is Eric. I love how Korean artists can get away with using really normal American names like Eric or Nicole.

This post wouldn’t be complete without an autotuned dance song.

Threw this one into the mix even tho its super corny and kinda makes me barfy but I like the melody.

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