DIY Con 2011

First annual DIY CON 2011 epic RAD! I hope everyone else had fun too. Here are some pix and videos for those who couldn’t make it. I am so excited for next year!

Clara’s Cakes

DIY Con Clara's Cakes

nom nom nom nom… Seriously, Clara’s Cakes are so delicious. Thee best vegan deserts I have ever had. She definitely knows how to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth with her ultra creative and purely delicious treats. Thank you Clara!

DIY Con Claras Cakes

“So good, way better than Baby Cakes!” Did you hear that Baby Cakes??

DIY Con Clara and Her Mom

Clara and her mom <3

Intergalactic Fantastic

DIY Con Intergalactic Fantastic

Sarah Cisco makes the cutest party favors, clothes, and pins! She made a whole collection of pins just for D.I.Y CON! She is truly talented.

DIY Con Intergalactic Fantastic Space Pins

Check out that display! So cute and unique. Sarah is a true individual. <3

DIY Con Intergalactic Fantastic Pin

Oh datz Geoff Geiss ^^^ a supporter of the arts and an artist himself. ZUP GEISS!

Deathbomb Arc Records

DIY Con Deathbomb Arc

Best sounds around frealz! B. Miller is is always on point when it comes to new music and his label Deathbomb Arc reflects just that. A true pioneer in D.I.Y record labels period!

Turntable Slipmats by Elisa Hough

DIY Con Turntable Slipmats

Elisa’s turntable mats made of felt are so Q’t thanks Elisa =) CRAFTCORE

Hardly Core Distro

DIY Con Hardly Core Distro

Hardly Core has some of the rarest releases out there and still rocks a geocities site. This guy is totally cool.

WALT! Productions

DIY Con Walt Productions

Walt Gorecki is a staple of the L.A. underground art scene. Pick up a comic or go to one of his cool art openings. He has the best taste and always stuns me with his innovative concepts and ideas!

Melt Brianna

got mad hatz

DIY Con Melt Brianna


DIY Con Melt Brianna

I don’t know anywhere else you can get a shirt that reads “Poop Rulz!”

DIY Con Margot

Here I am being professional: “Oh, yes fine and dandy and you?”

DIY Con Margot Ashley Sharpie Shirt

Oops, reality happens… Check out Ashley’s cool D.I.Y Sharpie shirt! (I love this shirt!)


DIY Con Go Bake Yourself Julie and Stan

Julie and Stan had delectable vegan delights! Homemade somosas and baklava NOM NOM NOM NOM…

DIY Con Stan

DIY Con Go Bake Yourself

So good! The samosas blew my mind!

Imaginary Bear and Barney


Serious life lessons learned from these two! They had some crazy adult issues to work out! Who knew?!


is artist Jane Dro. She is from Redlands, CA and unfortunately ran a little late and we were unable to get any pics of her artwork but it was truly an honor to have her come all the way out from the I.E. to share with us! Thank you so much =) check out her work here:

Dicso Bunny (Soundcloud, FB)

DIY Con Dicso Bunny

House en espanol! So good!! Danc-ey and romantic.

Leah Peah

DIY Con Leah Peah

Leah was too fast, loud and awesome for our camera wtf! I loved it! And those giant white muffs!

DIY Con Leah Peah



Amazing dance songs, cute ass personalities and awesome dance moves! Me and pretty much all my lady friends are crushing way hard on this band right now.

Platypuss Toof

DIY Con Platypuss Toof

Platypuss Toof Hailing from Vancouver, B.C. totally knocked us out. We had never seen her before and we were impressed! Hope she had a great visit here thank you Amberleigh!

feather hair

Someone gave Jesse this awesome diy feather hair extension!

bow hair

And Jim gave himself this super cute bow!

Thanks so much everyone for participating and supporting each other! We love youz!

<3 Margot and Angie =^.^=

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