Rollin’ Hard: Beautiful Katamari

Pretty Cool Land’s Royal Court Presents…

Beautiful Katamari

Lord and Lady of the Cosmos

While on an all-American, West Coast vacation, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow! this is so beautiful. So beautiful that I really want to roll all of this beauty up into a ball. The cows grazing in the meadows, roll em up! The picket fences and flower patches, roll em up! the sea shells and drift woods, roll those up too!”

What?! Why would anyone want to roll up the beauty into a ball? Well, when you spend countless hours playing the third-person puzzle game Beautiful Katamari you might begin to understand.

Beautiful Katamari, developed by Namco and published by Namco Bandai, is the fourth game in the Katamari Damacy series. It is a spectacular looking game where the player is given the quest of creating a giant sphere of stuff!

That’s right, stuff. A whole lot of it. Certain item quests are given by a demented King, who by accident, unleashed a black hole into the universe. It is the players job to recreate the entire solar system and eventually roll that up into a sphere that will plug the black hole.

The sadistic, totalitarian lord and king is very snarky and demanding. His jokes are always at your expense and elude to times when the minuet was the latest dance craze. This makes the player very aggitated and willing to win the quests as a way to shut thy grace’s royal mouth.

“Shut up your lordship! Take thy nasty attitude and off with ya!”

Yes your GRACE ::rolls eyes:: (wiener)

This game is highly addictive and seeps into your mind much like the way Dr. Mario or Tetris had in the past. The obsessive gamer sees, instead of colorful pills or pieces of 8 bit bricks falling into patterns, a world that he or she can roll up to the infinite power!

If rolling doesn’t have you obsessively thinking about Beautiful Katamari then perhaps the soundtrack will, with catchy tunes and fun sound design this soundtrack is bound to get into your head. Main composer Yu Miyake and friends mix an eclectic mix of styles and quirky sounds to get you rolling merrily into the beautiful abyss.

Beautiful Katamari  is now available through the Xbox live marketplace and I definitely recommend giving it a try (reading rainbow sound).

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(image via nipperknits)

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  1. angie
    Posted May 10, 2012 at 11:40 am | Permalink

    The king really is agitating! Why is he never satisfied with anything I do?! ::quietly sobbing::