Game Manuals: Ultimate Fantasy Literature?

Fantasy literature did not appeal to me at all when I was younger. It was annoying to have to sort through books about unicorns and castles when I was just trying to find a book about hive mind aliens and putting the internet into a female human body.

elf defence
(image via science fiction universe)

But now I love it! After reading some of Margot’s amazing game manuals, I finally realized how dark and brutal and totally entertaining fantasy literature can be!

warcraft game manual
(image via ebay)

You’ve probably seen this lying around somewhere if you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, dated a WoW player or have a little brother. Margot kept telling me to read the whole thing. I didn’t know why until I got to the back of the manual where I found beautifully written stories about an alien world, filled with death and destruction.

Whatever your feelings about the game, you have to admit that it’s incredibly immersive. It’s like an alternate universe, which for a fantasy game, is pretty sci-fi. I now have memories of being an elf priestess flying around in the rain on a giant bird that feel just as real as memories of REAL THINGS I’ve done in my REAL LIFE.

With WoW as my gateway drug, I ventured into this beast of a book:

warhammer 7th edition 2006
(image via games workshop)

It looks like an awesome high school textbook but it’s actually a guidebook for an old-school tabletop game called Warhammer. It’s kind of like D&D but with miniature figurines. Or like a crazy, fantasy version of Risk.

(image via the wertzone)

Before opening this book, I had never read anything written in such descriptively disgusting detail. It was an entirely new literary experience.

warhammer chaos

Where do I sign up? Just kidding. That’s an infiniti times more demented lifestyle than I would enjoy. Equally demented, is this rendition of an elf:

I think they meant “scary as f*ck” almond shaped eyes.

Point is: thanks to Margot, WoW and Warhammer, I now know there’s a whole world of mind-blowing literature that was hiding just beyond my little brother’s game manual.

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