Building a Mystery Korn Hole Room

In the late nineties/ early millennium there was a secret place that spawned the world’s most famous musicians. It wasn’t a large city nor a small town. It could not be found on a map of any kind. It was a secret room which we like to call the “Korn Hole Room”.

This “Korn Hole Room” was not a place for playing the traditional game of Cornhole that we all adore. It was a room where stardom was incubated. This room contained a luminous magic that could help propel a human person from being unknown to world famous. All that  was required of this human person was to have the ability to sing or speak in a manner that was indecipherable. The light energy would engulf the singer/rapper as he or she performed an entire musical song and like magic, the human person would become world famous.

Korn Hole Davis

Korn Hole Davis

Musicians such as Korn and Lil’ Wayne have reaped the benefits of performing in this secret room. After performing the single “Freak On Leash” in the fantastical room, Korn dominated the musical charts. The single was released in many places around the world. The music video if you look closely at the picture above, actually gives a glimpse into the mysterious Korn Hole Room. The video was hailed and won the Best Form Music Video award at the 2000 Grammy Awards Ceremony of Awards for Music and Music Videos.

Holes of Light of Succe$$

See Lil’ Wayne in the Korn Hole Room performing his debut hit single “The Block is Hot” The single was released on his debut album “The Block is Hot” which became #1 on Billboard’s Hip Hip/ R&B charts in 1999 and he’s been a household name ever since.

Juvenile Holes


Singer/ Songwriter Sarah McLachlan can also be seen performing in the Korn Hole Room. Her chart topper “Building a Mystery” debuted in the room back in 1997 before Lil’ Wayne and Korn was a thought in the Korn Hole Rooms brain.

Sarah in the Korn Hole

With all the mysterious success behind the Korn Hole Room, we became increasingly curious about it…WHERE IS THIS ROOM? WHAT IS THIS ROOM? we needed answers and we needed them fast mostly because its been more than 10 years since this room was even relevant.

The answers to all of our Korn Hole questions were answered after watching the entirety of Sarah Mclachlan’s video for “Building a Mystery”. The Korn Hole Room was none other than…

Sarah’s Korn Hole Dress

Sarah McLachlan’s Dress!!!! It’s a Korn Hole Dress! By god, why didn’t we think of it before? It makes sense that this beautiful women with her beautiful heart songs would have the soul bearing ability to wear a dress that is a room which illuminates success upon aspiring male musicians!

Korn Hole

Korn Hole

It’s revealed that a seamstress man wielded the gown especially for Sarah. The magical seamstress man remains a mystery for us still. We have only screenshots of what he looks like and they are not well lit.

The magic, we suspect, is wielded into the fabric and a magical light is ignited. The carefully placed korn holes allow just the right amount of high power light through and into the skirt of the garment.

Korn Hole

Korn Hole

The only question we had left was how it was possible for Sarah to be both wearing the dress and also be inside the Korn Hole Room? Don’t worry we figured it out.

There is a single hole which allows the chosen one to pass. This hole only allows the one who can activate the magic that lies within dresses fabric. This human is Sarah McLachlan without her it would merely be your everyday Korn Hole dress.  Mystery solved, K thanks.


Holdin it in

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