Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2012 Recap

The first day of Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2013 is upon us. To celebrate, I’m finally posting our Ren Faire photos from a YEAR ago lol.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Ren Faire game faces: on.


Renaissance Pleasure Faire

This guy is killing it from head to toe.


Renaissance Pleasure Faire

This was an amazing free form battle. I can’t believe we got to witness it.


Renaissance Faire Buds

Look who we ran into – Renata, our favorite Vulcan!


Renaissance Faire Beard Braids

Beard braids!


Renaissance Faire

Working it with that turkety leg.


Renaissance Faire Turtle Race

Now this is the attitude I’m looking for in a turtle race game master – ultimate zen.


Renaissance Faire Hunters

Hunters score big game at Ren Faire – a tri tip chili bowl!


Renaissance Faire

The Queen’s College.


Renaissance Faire

It’s nice to have a mage or mercenary of some kind silently looking out for danger so you can enjoy your lager.

We’re going to try to make it to our first Gay Day on May 4th! Will you be there??

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