Blank by Bruce Reisman

Blank, the new play by Bruce Reisman, had my handsome Valentine and I wiping tears by the end. It’s 1947 and a famous playwright, skillfully played by Joel Bryant, has released himself from a mental hospital. Soon after, a young novelist Tom, convinces him to adapt his novel into a Broadway play. Their collaboration sets the stage for the men’s roller coaster ride of emotions. Kris Black is terrific as Tom especially while delivering a regret riddled, heart squeezing, closing monologue that leaves you thinking about a hopeful sadness. Hawk D’Onofrio is sweetly charming as the typist Charlie. His ease and trustworthy friendliness contrasts the other men’s more manic neurosis. Donna Scott and Kabby Borders are delightful as Logan’s sparing former and current wives. Farah Fath hurricanes through as Charlie’s no filter wife, Nora, ironically shining light on the situation. Fath delivers Nora with humor and poignancy that will put a smile on your face. The intimacy of the Ruby Theatre at the Complex, in Hollywood, makes for a delightful theatre experience. I can’t believe you haven’t even seen this yet. Better get those tickets. . Check out the facebook page for more info.

Bobby Paradise and the Cast of Blank

Bobby Paradise and the Cast of Blank

Words by Bobby ParadisePhoto by Erik Anaya 















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