orccon 2010

scully is the key to a good collage

The 2010 Orccon/Strategicon was everything I expected an old-school gaming convention to be. There were pale-skinned youths roaming around in velvet capes, hearty maidens with overflowing corsets and pony-tailed men with glasses.

After seeing the same 2 dudes pass Margot and I over and over again, one explaining to the other “see, they’re girls… they’re looking at games,” we signed up for our first game: Dancing Eggs. It was goofy yet surprisingly cut-throat. The thinking seemed to be, especially among the older guys, that an opponent is an opponent, even if she is 7 years old. Makes sense. Anyway, the game consisted of running around with eggs. It was cool. But the next game was even cooler.

Lord of the Fries with game master Martin Padilla. Each person plays a cook at a zombie-themed restaurant, turning in cards to complete orders. I won 1st prize. Before we started the game, some guy came up to Martin acting like a big shot, complaining about nothing and then taking off to go grope his girlfriend. It was lame. But the game was awesome and so was our gm.

The final game of the night was our first ever role-playing session, Underworld 4: Bloodspace with gm Mike Kelly. Mike based the game on the *unreleased* plotline for the next Underworld movie: Vampires in Space! So perfect. And with Underworld, you not only get vampires in space but also werewolves in space. So we each got our character sheets and rolled our dice, blasting limbs off of space robots and evil aliens. Except for margot, who kept getting killed with her fast talk and pick pocket “skills.” But im glad she tried :p

Hopefully we’ll get to meet up with everyone again at the next convention. Mike hinted that he would bring back “The Problem with Scully“, which we missed the night before. And maybe Margot will be ready to unleash her high elven Warhammer army. For a list of some upcoming conventions, you can visit Strategicon. And if you want to try online role-playing (or just browse through an extremely weird website), you can go to playbyweb.

Btw, Scully is the key to any good collage. It was good playing with you.

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