dukey 3d

green day dookie comes out one of my favorite albums of all time and duke nukem 3d fuuuuuck what a year. a fine year for sitting in front of the computer playing for countless hours. over and over again the same scene make them alien bastards pay for shooting up your ride! they shot up your ride! they’re bastards. oh some strippers okay well, “shake it baby”. gotta pee even if you have a virtual weiner you still have to pee. Urinal SCORE!

SPACEBAR ” Ahhh, much better”

Alien bastards! key cards. oh man duke nukem was the man IS the man, it is a total loss for gamers that 3d realms is no more. they are closed no more dukey no more strippers no more alien bastards. but we can all remember the most precious moments of blowing up bulbous floating alien brains and then splattering on the walls and thinking but not just thinking saying “who wants some” “piece of cake” kicking ass is so easy for this hottie. a first person shooter never to be forgotten. never to be forgotten because i spent about a month of my life with no other goals except to kick ass and chew bubble gum. i miss you nukem. MsDOS forever! <3

this game has the most amazing quotes:

thanks for reading p.s. “eat shit and die”

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  1. angelica
    Posted March 23, 2010 at 1:26 pm | Permalink

    sister act III lol!