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korean culture generally isn’t very big on gay. i know this because i’m korean and i’m gay. my mom… not too happy about it. i think things will change eventually. i mean 10 years ago, a girl would get slapped by random harabujees (grandpas) for wearing a midriff.

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i know that being able to wear revealing clothing is not that big a deal, but to me its a sign that things will change. the current lack of acceptance for gay koreans is why i get so excited when dramas address homosexuality, even if it’s indirectly. for example, one of my favey dramas of all time is “coffee prince” (which was so popular that two coffee shops in k-town were named after it). the show is about a young girl, eun-chan, who pretends to be a boy so she can get a job as a waiter. the girl ends up falling in love with the owner and can’t help flirting with him – as a boy! the best part is when the owner, han-kyul, realizes that he is in love with eun-chan and has to come to terms with his “homosexuality”.

a new drama, “personal preference”, features a similar story-line. for one reason or another, everyone in town thinks jin-ho is gay. he doesn’t seem to mind the misunderstanding and even uses it to get a female roommate. eventually, he ends up falling in love with the girl and has to find a way to tell her. even though it’s pretty predictable, the writing is really funny and the actors are great. especially son ye-jin as the roommate kae-in.

i know there’s still a long way to go but this should keep us entertained in the meantime.

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    You’re breaking barriers Angie, subtly.