snsd/ke$ha controversy

there’s been some confusion over snsd’s new single “run devil run.” “people” were claiming that it was stolen from ke$ha.

ke$ha, bless her soul, is friends with one of the songwriters and only sang a test version of the song, which was leaked on youtube. it was not meant to be released as a single and she does not own the song. snsd’s producers do. i included the ke$ha version below so you can compare if you want. or you can just trust youtube commenter dong9589 who thinks that “SNSD is better cos there are more than 1 chics.” in the meantime, i’m waiting for ke$ha to release an m/v for “your love is my drug.” not that i want to see whose beard she’s referring to.


so who wins? should all pop songs be sung in korean from now on? i wouldn’t mind.

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