The Wizardy World of Harry Potter

We’ve all been waiting and now finally on June 18th The Wizardy World of Harry Potter will be officially open to Muggles everywhere!

Wizardy World

Fans of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter can embark on a journey through Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and also explore the grounds surrounding it! I am excited to see what magic they use to support the building!
Hogwart's School of Witchcraft
The theme park will be located in an already infamous theme park, Universal theme park Orlando, Florida. So it’s a theme park within a theme park double awesome!

There will be rides and full attractions such as, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Adventure, in this ride you travel through the Hogwart’s school and see all the familiar rooms and corridors there. For muggles that have not seen or read any of the Harry Potter adventures this would be a good ride to get to know just how amazing Hogwart’s is. After you see just how exquisite the school grounds are you take off into the skies and take on magical creatures. They don’t let you know but i’m guessing this is a simulator ride. Probably much like Soaring over California at Disney’s California Adventureland in Anaheim, CA, One of my favorites!

Hogwart's express

If you’re a thrill ride nut this place is for you. Every ride is a whole new adventure. Dragon Challenge is a coaster with two completely different coasters in one. Each coaster is made to look like a dragon you can choose to ride on the Chinese Fireball of the Ferocious Hungarian Horntail these dragons fight each other in mid air! The coasters intertwine and loop around eachother frantically. Imagine seeing your friend in the coaster next to you and nearly missing them while twisting upside down!!!!! What a great way to make a coaster more interactive its like the facebook of rollercoasters.


Honey Dukes looks delicious! It’s a sweet shop that is located in Hogsmeade. Hogwart’s students venture to this village when school is not in session. The village is completely replicated in TWWOHP. Honey Dukes has candy and cakes you will read about or see in the Harry Potter series such as, Exploding bon bons, Chocolate frogs that include a wizard trading card in every box, and Fizzing Whizbees! They also carry traditional candies for the muggles that don’t have a taste for such magical treats.

Of course TWWOHP wouldn’t be complete without Ollivander’s Wand shop located in Diagon Alley an alley in London, England where wizards shop for all of their wizardry needs. You can purchase collectible replica character wands or the shopkeeper can help a wand choose you! so COOL!

The only problem with this park is that I wish it was bigger with even more rides and attractions! But I still feel it will be well worth the wait and visit to Orlando, FL.

Every shop you know from either Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade will be in the theme park. The whole Harry Potter world is brought to life! for more visit The Wizardy World Website on the Wizardy World Wide Web!

The Wizardy World of Harry Potter

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  1. Amanda
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    UGH! I can’t wait. Josh is going to florida next week and if he goes there wo me i’ll kill him!!! I want to try pumpkin juice and butterbeer so badly.