Stock Photography Art Project

By Naomi Elizabeth

May 25 2010

One day last week I was reading about stock photographs and I became suddenly obsessed with the idea of taking them myself. Prior to that day I had never thought even once about the subject. Primarily because, as we all know, stock photos are disturbing, oppressive, and slightly nauseating. It was this element of filth itself that drew me to the idea.

June 3 2010

This project has had a surprisingly negative effect on me. All these stock photos have given me a violent, unfavorable reaction! Their repellent nature proves to be much, much worse once you have scratched the surface and really delved into them. My initial enthusiasm has given way to a desire to run away and never look back.

June 8 2010

In conclusion, be careful, this type of art has the ability to fracture your psyche, and should be approached with caution!

Thanks to Daniel, Angie, and Margot

a rose with two iphones

athletic shorts with a basketball

bird's nest with three eggs, and a bandage in the foreground

female hand with red nail polish holding a power supply

an iphone with the reflection of a female hand holding a master lock

female feet in yellow high-heeled shoes, posing with an iphone

artist's wooden figure model holding 100 dollar bill

bottle of water

100 dollar bill reflected in the screen of an iphone

asus laptop keyboard with power button and a rose

heart shaped slinky with a master lock

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