Dead or Alive: Extreme 2

DOAX2 is a very soft more leisurely alternative to it’s predecessors DOA, DOA2, DOA3 and DOA4 which were all 3d fighting games much like Virtua Fighter or Mortal Kombat.

DOA was developed by TECMO’s Team NINJA (they have an awesome feed site!). After DOA3 came DOA extreme Beach Volleyball where Team Ninja set up a sub plot where the babes of DOA are convinced that the DOA tournament will be held on an island only to find out it was a lie made up by “Zack” a thai kickboxer and part of DOATEC (Dead of Alive Tournament Executive Committee). After the DOA3 tournament he gambled his earnings and purchased this private island after a huge win. He named the island after himself “Zack’s Island”. He had all the girls fooled and even though they were upset they decided to relax and make the best of their two week stay. At the end of the two weeks there is a volcanic eruption on the island and it is sent into the deep sea. In DOAX2, Zack resurrects the island from the ocean and call’s it “New Zack’s Island”. Each girl of DOAX2 is tricked once again into coming to the island for another 2 week stay there are very erotic cut-scenes that explain the details of each DOA girl’s reason for the visit. You have to check it out for yourself… DOA: extreme 2

When you first arrive on the island you immediately are paired up with Lisa if you pick Lisa as your character then you get to party with Tina. The girls give you a tour of the island and you can start having fun the object of the game is to become close to the other girls on the island and eventually take them on as your volley partner (aka hot lesbian lover). You become entangled through beautiful gifts which you can give to them when you score big either through the casino or by racing jet-ski’s.

Critic’s have ridiculed this game for depicting women in a negative light by enhancing their gay lady parts. Critic’s have also stated that the physics of the game with the excessively dramatic bouncing of breasts have made them literally ill of motion sickness. This game is pretty much a rpg soft core porn except beautiful in it’s unique tropic 3d design. The graphic’s are so unique that players are given a camera to take exquisite screen shots of their gay lady avatars in very unique settings such as poolside, jungle-side, and many other amazing lesbian landscapes.

There are a lot of in-games available to each character that are a lot of fun. DOA calls these games “foreplay” watch the butt battle!!!

The water slide is pretty hard my girl flew off more than twice it was really funny!

Here’s the intro to DOAX2 I feel most will enjoy the amazing graphics of this one!

If you enjoy this game you should definitely research the DOA saga it is amazing and i recommend it to anyone who wants to have a “good time”.

My name is Margot and I approve this article.

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  1. angelica
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 11:17 pm | Permalink

    The first 30 minutes of this game consists of going up to every girl and asking her to “play volleyball” with you, getting rejected and running away crying “how could you?” loved it!

  2. Posted June 14, 2010 at 6:25 pm | Permalink

    after consulting with melissa, we decided this is one of those games that really should just be played in real life and not as a video game.

    • angelica
      Posted June 14, 2010 at 7:35 pm | Permalink

      that’s a good point