E3 2010 Day 1


The first day of E3 was head-spinning! We pretty much just ran through the whole convention center (which is huge) to make sure we got to see a little bit of everything before we dive in over the next two days. Here’s how the day went.

We arrived in style.


Security was a little tight at first.

More security problems

But our homeboy Sonic came to vouch for us. His new game for Wii is definitely worth checking out. We liked the additional controls and new characters.

Our homeboy Sonic

More security problems…


Saw II: Flesh and Blood is a gruesome combination of brain teasers and gore.

saw ii

Glee Karaoke Revolution! Every song is accompanied by footage from the show. Otherwise, the game is pretty similar to other karaoke games on the market right now. We’ll see if Yoostar 2 brings anything new to the table when Leonard Nimoy demos it tomorrow :D

glee karaoke

Fashion ladies showed off their new hairstyles while promoting Busy Scissors for Wii. A pretty fun game where you get to style hair and run your own salon. The dudes who were demoing it were  cool. It was hard to get the controller away from them ;p


The girls from Afterglow showered us with glowing ice cubes for our after party cocktails. You can never have enough glow!


Stopped by Bandai to wish Pacman a happy 30th birthday.


We spotted Ciji from Ultimate Gamer. She was super nice, as expected.

Our homegirl Ciji from Ultimate Gamer

Dance Dance Revolution for Wii was actually the funnest game I played today. I love the new hand moves. The bubbly interface and cute graphics make it so easy to get sucked in. I used to be awful at DDR but now I rule. Amazing!


Shogun 2 geisha girls showed us great respect.


We played Cube Shooter, ” a funny light gun shooting game for both children and adults to experience the shooting pleasure.” Which is exactly what we did.

cube shooter

Nickelodeon Fit on Wii is my baby gamer favorite so far. Who doesn’t want to jump on pogo sticks, hula hoop or go river rafting? The simple interface makes it easy for kids to go back and forth between games. You know, in case you wanted to let your kid have a turn.

nickelodeon fit

Alienware everywhere.


You can’t tell from this picture but Invizimals is way insane. The camera that comes with the game allows little Pokemon style creatures to appear in the palm of your hand! You can blow on them, slap them, maybe even eat them. I haven’t figured out what to do with them once they’re captured but I will find out soon!


My favorite booth babe, Margot from Pretty Cool Land. What a cutie!


Come back tomorrow for more in-depth game reviews!

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