Photo by Todd Anderson I went with Margot and Vanessa to see this at Universal Citywalk and it was awesome. One of us cried. I won’t say who because that’s embarrassing, j/k its cute. Basically, this highschool dude gets his face cursed by the evil Olsen twin and the only way to remove the curse [...]

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Intel Core Processor KPop

SNSD, the official girl group of Korea, has come out with a musical masterpiece about Intel Core Processors. This is definitely the direction that pop music should be headed in right now – a massive amount of girls singing about computer hardware. The lyrics are totally weird. Somehow they incorporated disturbing sexual innuendos with love [...]

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The Roommate

We watched this new movie about friendship called The Roommate. It shows what happens when you stop taking Zyprexa. Basically, you become obsessed with someone who kind of looks like you and then you get real violent about it. It’s pretty funny. The ending could have been written by RL Stine himself. Not as much [...]

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New KPops January 2011

Sistar is getting a lot of attention right now for their interesting dance moves, such as this butt wax move and their ability to dance in high heels, which only sometimes results in broken bones. This dance is so good! And those elegant neck caresses. Wow. Shiggooluh! I love the color grading in this video. [...]

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Foot Village, I.E. and clipping @9star Skate Park 1/29/11

Get your groove on with Foot Village, IE and Jonathan Snipes’s new band clipping @ 9star skate park. We’re celebrating Foot Village’s 7″ release of “Lovers With Iraqis“. Even if you don’t have a record player, you can still enjoy this record because it comes with temporary tattoos: Bring your board or blades or whatever. [...]

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I can’t stop reading this blog by self-proclaimed cam-whore and “internet bitch” XiaXue. Azn girl culture is so intense right now. If you want to delve straight into its darkness you must read her blog. Tens of thousands of people just like me read her long-ass posts about chin minimizers, teeth whiteners and potato chips [...]

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Tokyo Trip: Cat Magic Cat Cafe

One of my favorite places in Japan. I still can’t believe this exists.

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Official Nerd Culture Advisors

Pretty Cool Land made Brian Miller’s ‘Top Advisors of 2010‘ list on LA Record. “Every time we hang out I get to be a little girl again. Cute is all that matters, and nerdy is still a way of life even though the 1990s are gone.” Total pinpoint right there (he’s always down to play [...]

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Where to Get Free or Cheap Puppy and Kitten Calendars

If you frequent Korean banks, grocery stores, acupuncture clinics, etc., you’ve probably gotten your share of free calendars featuring pics of nature and quotes from God. Stop getting those and get these: . Pico Mart & Discount 2567 W. Pico Blvd. #H, Los Angeles, CA 90006 This place is on the NE corner of Pico [...]

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Happy Holidays <3

via memento_icons via gifninja

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