Naomi Elizabeth and I.E. on your mobile cellular phone!

It’s finally here! “Pearl Diving” The anticipated Naomi Elizabeth and I.E. collaboration mobile game. Artwork and score by Naomi Elizabeth. UI Design, Programming and SFX by Margot Padilla. This game takes the player on an underwater journey regarding business and safety. Be careful there is a shark or an angler aiming to stop you from [...]

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Rave of Thrones

It sure has been a great deal of minutes since our last post. We seem to have shimmered from your sights. Poof! Here I am for a moments time. I promised to post about our recent adventure to Rave of Thrones, the Game of Thrones themed rave with DJ Kristian Nairn a.k.a DJ HODOR. The event was [...]

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Busta Rhymes, so fishy!

Pretty much all Busta’s music videos from the late nineties/early millenium used Fish Eye lens and I respect that consistency… Something to think about!

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Enya; The Adventures

Hello! Back in 2011 Angie and I started a mini comic. It is a fanfiction comic inspired by Enya. We self- published the comic in Febuary 2014 and presented it at Los Angeles Zine Fest where it was warmly welcomed. We now present it to you all via the internet, here it is!  

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Building a Mystery Korn Hole Room

In the late nineties/ early millennium there was a secret place that spawned the world’s most famous musicians. It wasn’t a large city nor a small town. It could not be found on a map of any kind. It was a secret room which we like to call the “Korn Hole Room”. This “Korn Hole Room” was [...]

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Rollin’ Hard: Beautiful Katamari

Beautiful Katamari

Pretty Cool Land’s Royal Court Presents… Beautiful Katamari While on an all-American, West Coast vacation, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow! this is so beautiful. So beautiful that I really want to roll all of this beauty up into a ball. The cows grazing in the meadows, roll em up! The picket fences and flower [...]

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Hongdae Holidays

Leila Khastoo has recently started a series of KPOP (Korean Pop music) events. Each event has it’s own theme and is centered around Korean Pop music and the club scene that is popular in the area of Hongdae Seoul, South Korea. Come join us at her next event which will take place in Downtown Los [...]

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DIY Con 2011

claras cakes

First annual DIY CON 2011 epic RAD! I hope everyone else had fun too. Here are some pix and videos for those who couldn’t make it. I am so excited for next year! Clara’s Cakes nom nom nom nom… Seriously, Clara’s Cakes are so delicious. Thee best vegan deserts I have ever had. She definitely [...]

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D.I.Y CON 2011


I am proud to announce the first annual 2011 D.I.Y CON! D.I.Y CON is a next level D.I.Y (Do it yourself) convention for crafters, artists, chefs, performers and more! If you are creative and enjoy exploring new creative territories this is an event for you.

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