I Get Stupified! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1

Harry Potter Game XBOX360

Stupefying Death Eaters has been a blast.  Sadly, it is now over, for I have recently finished playing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 for Xbox 360.

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Hey everyone! it’s your girls of PCL here to announce our new radio show. It will be broadcasted Wednesdays from 7pm-8pm courtesy of Only for the Open Minded web radio station <3 We’d like to thank them for the opportunity and cannot wait til you hear all the cool mixes and topics we have anything [...]

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Bacchus D “Does Christmas”

Bacchus D “Does Christmas” 2010 You may remember Bacchus D member Matt Zatkoff. He was the director of Laco$te’s newest music video for the single “Numbers” which has been awarded ‘best music video’ by Hollywood’s Reel Independent Film Festival 2010. Matt is now promoting his own album. A Christmas album featuring some of the seasons [...]

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WOW: Deathwing has escaped!

The highly anticipated expansion of World of Warcraft is almost here. The almighty powerful dragon Deathwing has escaped from his imprisonment and has scorched the entirety of Azeroth. I have been playing a lot recently and while playing you can already see the changes that have taken place in Azeroth. Stormwind is on fire and [...]

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<3 Planet X! Cool Girl Xenia Shin <3

Allow me to introduce one of Pretty Cool Land’s Coolest Girls ever,  Xenia Shin! She is a KOAM beauty with a multitude of  talents. Xenia is front girl of one of LA’s most famous underground musical acts known as Laco$te. She captivates her audience with gymnast like stunts. She literally somersaults her way into the [...]

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!~Fimo Mania~!

I’m so into fimo nail art right now, almost obsessed. Fimo nail art is made of Polymer Clay the clay is made to look like pieces of fruit or veggies or just about anything you can think of. The most common fimo nail art are fruit slices. It is baked into long cylinders that you [...]

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One of the most exciting and impressive booths at E3 was Nexon America’s. Before E3 We had received emails from several Press Reps asking us to schedule times to meet with developers and watch demos of new upcoming games. Some of them sounded cool but very impersonal the emails you can really tell were just [...]

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Alpha Centauri Alien Models

Pegasus Hobbies made this really amazing model kit of a pair of Alpha Centauri Alien models. These models can be built different ways i chose both the open hatch and closed hatch way of building. I’m a little confused because these aliens I think are  representing the Red Dwarf star that the binary star system [...]

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Here’s a music video I made about this crazy nos trip i went on.

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E3 Runway

E3 was not only a place for gamers but also serious fashionistas! Check out these great fashions! Check out the legend of the “three wolf moon” t-shirt. Three Wolf meme.

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