My literary criticism of the novel Whatever by Michel Houellebecq

Literary criticism of the novel ”Whatever”, by Michel Houellebecq By Naomi Elizabeth (As an aside: You know who decided it was ok to put me in the position of writing literary criticism? You know who? Fuck you.) The first part of the novel is invariably flat. The protagonist’s experience is full of mildly depressing observations and [...]

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A Brief Note Regarding “I’d Hit It”

“I’d Hit It” refers to a phrase commonly used in a conversation between men on the Internet, when they are presented with the photograph of a woman who does not meet their standards for attractiveness. One would say “I’d hit it” to express that, if offered the opportunity in another hypothetical reality, he would have [...]

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What It’s Like To Work For PrettyCoolLand

A lot of people ask me what it’s like to work with Angie and Margot, so I thought I would tell everyone about my experiences here. First of all, I know they make it all look like fun and games, and the truth is that, it is!

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Stock Photography Art Project

By Naomi Elizabeth May 25 2010 One day last week I was reading about stock photographs and I became suddenly obsessed with the idea of taking them myself. Prior to that day I had never thought even once about the subject. Primarily because, as we all know, stock photos are disturbing, oppressive, and slightly nauseating. [...]

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