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Enya; The Adventures


Back in 2011 Angie and I started a mini comic. It is a fanfiction comic inspired by Enya. We self- published the comic in Febuary 2014 and presented it at Los Angeles Zine Fest where it was warmly welcomed. We now present it to you all via the internet, here it is!

PrettyCoolland enya the adventures


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Game Manuals: Ultimate Fantasy Literature?

Fantasy literature did not appeal to me at all when I was younger. It was annoying to have to sort through books about unicorns and castles when I was just trying to find a book about hive mind aliens and putting the internet into a female human body.

elf defence
(image via science fiction universe)

But now I love it! After reading some of Margot’s amazing game manuals, I finally realized how dark and brutal and totally entertaining fantasy literature can be!

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I Am A Hologram From 2046 by Naomi Elizabeth

Naomi Elizabeth

Naomi Elizabeth just wrote a new book called “I Am A Hologram From 2046 (My, Uh, Innermost Thoughts, Apparenty)” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m so glad one of my funniest friends wrote a book. If you like books that are funny, honest, weird and inspiring then this one is for you. Reading it was like being able to read someone’s thoughts and then thinking “wow, these are some awesome thoughts.” You can get a copy from Naomi herself at the D.I.Y Con tonight or you can get a copy here.

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A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Leguin

earthseaHogwarts wasn’t the first school of magic to train a powerful, young wizard. A Wizard of Earthsea is a spellbinding high-fantasy classic that has inspired fantasy worlds from Harry Potter to World of Warcraft. In it, we follow Sparrowhawk as he journeys from child to master sorceror, thwarted only by a darkness that rises from within himself. Ursula K. Leguin drew from Nordic legends of witchcraft, dragons and the underworld to weave an original story of self-understanding and the power of language to shape the world. I expected Leguin to incorporate a wider range of female characters into the story. It was surprising that all the female characters were very weak, simple, quick to stir up evil or just make bread. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Tombs of Atuan, about a powerful priestess who meets our hero in the next phase of his journey.

(image from tales from earthsea)

Update: I read Tombs of Atuan. It was really good. Maybe even better than A Wizard of Earthsea? Wish I’d read it when I was little. It’s about a little girl but its pretty dark.

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The Last Guardian by Jeff Grubb (My Favorite Warcraft Book)

warcraft the last guardian

I’ve really liked all the WoW books I’ve read so far (Day of the Dragon, Lord of the Clans and The Well of Eternity) but this one is the most ambitious and radical. It centers on a great wizard and his apprentice but is not a typical fantasy story. There are freak nasty twists and deep revelations about the the Warcraft world. It is also very sad at times and left me feeling strange. You don’t need to play the game or read the other books in the series to enjoy it. If you do play WoW or are interested in it’s story, this is definitely a great read. Sam Raimi, a WoW player himself, has promised to direct a World of Warcraft movie sometime in the future but is waiting for the right script to be written. I’m really interested to see if they involve any of the books or writers in the movie.

For no good reason, I’m going to name drop some famous WoW players: Jamie Lee Curtis, Mila Kunis, Macauley Culkin, Dave Chapelle, Adrianne Curry.

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Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Neverwhere Book review

Richard Mayhew is a young businessman in modern-day London. His good nature and kind heart lead him into a grimy Victorian underworld crawling with rats, angels, vampires and monsters. This dark adventure is filled with interesting plot twists, great female characters and a good ending. It’s the kind of book that’s hard to put down. And even when you do put it down you keep thinking about it. The book is based on a miniseries Gaiman created for BBC in 1996. It’s also been made into a comic book and a role-playing game.

Thanks Grace for lending this to me :)

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land of silver rain

land of silver rainthis manhwa is adorable and hilarious, combining super romantic graphics, magical lore and ridiculous, girly style goofiness. i love manhwa style. it reminds me of the paper dolls i used to buy from the corner store in seoul (one time the top fell off of an ice cream cone i bought there, uncovering a beetle inside!). the only downside was that we read it so fast on sunday night that i had nothing to do at work the next day :p

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japanese schoolgirl inferno


this book is packed with cool and hilarious info about japanese girl fashion which, according to the book, has been raging since the 40s. the illustrations, by kazumi nonaka (who usually draws bunnies and old people), are so cute and funny.



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