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Underworld Awakening 3D Review

Underworld Awakening

Underworld Awakening 3D. Saw this. Liked it.

Compared to all the other Underworlds, this one had a really simple plot. The main focus was on Selene just killing everyone while looking like Trent Reznor. So you don’t really need to have seen the other movies to get it.

The new character is cool.

The lycans (werewolves) were really claymation-ey, which I enjoyed (monster throwbacks).

Even though there was only one scene where I noticed the 3D, it was worth it cus we saw it at Regal and they do that amazing rollercoaster of snacks thing. LOVE THAT! 100 gazillion times better than that boring actors in robotic flower-chairs thing they do at Edwards. HATE THAT. Why are you showing me people pretending to be entertained instead of just entertaining ME? So dumb.

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Vanessa Hudgens in Beastly mary kate olsen in beastly
Photo by Todd Anderson

I went with Margot and Vanessa to see this at Universal Citywalk and it was awesome. One of us cried. I won’t say who because that’s embarrassing, j/k its cute. Basically, this highschool dude gets his face cursed by the evil Olsen twin and the only way to remove the curse is to get Vanessa Hudgens to fall in love with him. A Jamaican lady and Doogie Howser play the roles of the Teapot and the Candlestick. Everyone did a great job, even Doogie, who got to play a non annoying, non a-hole for once. In case you were worried, the beast guy’s face is way grosser in the movie than in the preview. Vanessa thought it wasn’t gross enough so maybe I’m just really sensitive to faces with gaping wounds and long, open cracks. I love teen movies! I also love fantasy stuff, so this is like the perfect time for me to be alive. Going to see Red Riding Hood tonight, duh. Oh yeah, and Citywalk was off the hook! There were people grinding like 6 inches away from my face. Loved it.

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The Roommate

We watched this new movie about friendship called The Roommate. It shows what happens when you stop taking Zyprexa. Basically, you become obsessed with someone who kind of looks like you and then you get real violent about it. It’s pretty funny. The ending could have been written by RL Stine himself. Not as much awesome dialogue though since RL Stine did not actually write this movie.

the roommate

"I want to be your only friend."

The one thing that sucks is that they took out that really great part in the trailer where Leighton Meester caresses the main girl’s hair in her sleep and says “I want to be your only friend”. I hate when they do that. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to see it, as you can see from this photo we took with Leighton before the movie started.
margot's roommate
Overall, I think we’re both pretty happy we saw it. However, this bitch needs more than just Zyprexa, that’s for sure.

ally and aj

"nice bellybutton ring"

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Movie Reviews: HP7 and Tangled

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1
harry potters

No complaints. This movie was awesome. I’m almost dreading the next one because my life will be empty of new Harry Potter movies for the rest of time. Maybe they can start splitting each release into 2 movies until forever. Some highlights include a weird erotic scene with Harry’s nude shoulders and a scene where everyone hilariously transforms into Harry.

tangled forest

This took me back to the Disney movies of the early 90s. In other words, it was really good. It was fast-paced and entertaining. The songs were funny and the characters endearing. And despite the cgi animation, it was really pretty.

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Scott Pilgrim vs the World @ New Beverly – Fri Oct. 1st

Here’s your chance to see this on the big screen for only $7. We loved it. It’s really funny and everyone’s hair looks super ugo. Don’t worry if you didn’t like Shaun of the Dead, we didn’t either. i am 8 bit productions threw an awesome Scott Pilgrim party during E3 featuring a keg buffet and a dance floor filled with the geekiest couples ever. Some of the best dancing I’ve ever seen. Also, the hilarious Anna Kendrick from Twilight is in it. There are even Asian people in this movie, like in real life.

Scott Pilgrim's motion capturing Asians

(image via slashfilm)

Starts @ midnite! Go to New Beverly Cinema for more info.

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Weird and Awesome Chinese SciFi/Comedy/Martial Arts/Horror @ Grindhouse Film Fest

Tonight at New Beverly Cinema, enjoy Blood Call and Encounter of the Spooky Kind 2, part of Brian Quinn’s Eastern Grind collection. “Stay sober enough to read the subtitles, and be prepared for over-the-top films in which ANYTHING can happen!” Thank you Brian for showing some of the best movies I’ve ever seen!

From Facebook:

For this event we’ll be starting out with BLOOD CALL (198…8), a true obscurity that’s the only film from mysterious director Tung Liu (using the odd name Oli Nicole). This strange film stars Max Mok (ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA series) and Eddie Ko (John Woo’s HEROES SHED NO TEARS, LETHAL WEAPON 4) in a tale that combines a slasher film with a police thriller and somehow also manages to squeeze in a heartfelt warning about the danger that pagers present to modern society. This is a film that none of us has seen before, but after our last Eastern Grind event some of the audience stayed behind to watch the first reel of the film and the overwhelming response was that we needed to show the rest of this bizarre and dreamlike rarity. During the screening of this film, we remind everyone to turn off their pagers or risk pissing off the mad killer.

Following this we’ll be bringing back a real fan favorite, Sammo Hung’s ENCOUNTER OF A SPOOKY KIND II (1990). This totally insane martial arts/horror/comedy is a sequel to his huge hit of a decade earlier and delivers everything one expects from a vintage Hong Kong film. While not as well known in the US as Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Sammo Hung is one of the most important figures in Hong Kong cinema over the last 40 years as not only an actor but also as a director, producer, writer, stuntman and action director. He’s also, despite his large size, one of the most talented martial artists and acrobats in film history. Don’t miss this chance to see one of his greatest hits on the big screen!

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The Wizardy World of Harry Potter

We’ve all been waiting and now finally on June 18th The Wizardy World of Harry Potter will be officially open to Muggles everywhere!

Wizardy World

Fans of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter can embark on a journey through Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and also explore the grounds surrounding it! I am excited to see what magic they use to support the building!
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new moon

was so good. it was pretty much the same as the first twilight movie, except the coloring was brown instead of blue and there were werewolves. we went to see it at the discount theatre and the girl in front of us pulled out a bowl of spaghetti from her purse while we were waiting in line.  it looked like the theatre was filled with girls from all over the world. it was really fast paced and funny. i got way serious into the wolf story line and now i know i’m definitely team jacob. edward looked kinda pasty but duh hes a vampire. anyway i hope that bella ditches him. or maybe jacob will just find a way more awesomer lady. i cant wait for eclipse! btw, justin chon, who plays one of bella’s friends, went to my highschool. he was semi fresh off the biengi and had those awesome long skinny bangs with a buzz cut and wore giant pants.


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