I like BoA now

BoA finally got me with her 2 latest singles. She’s been making #1 albums in Korea and Japan since she was like 13 but I couldn’t get into it until now. I’m into it!

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Techno Comeback in Men’s Harem Shorts

I’m so happy! Lee Jung Hyun returned to her techno roots this summer under the alias “Ava”. Her newest song is “Suspicious Man” and the video is suspiciously gay. She is reportedly still in China, prepping her English skills for a long-awaited duet with Lady Gaga. Even more gay.

Koyote’s best comeback song so far is “Jump Jump Jump”. According to this video, harem shorts for men are in!

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Comedy! 2 New M/Vs from UV

If you remember their awesome video for Sorry, No Cool, you will definitely want to see their two newest videos, one about their mom and another one about probation.

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Deathbomb Digital Singles Club

What’s a tape? Who cares! Deathbomb Arc’s Tape Club is going digital. For ten bucks you’ll get 2 unreleased tracks from a different band every week for a whole year. Plus occasional bonus songs. That’s even better than Columbia House. F you Groupon!

Get cool songs from Back To The Future The Ride, Captain Ahab, IE, Juiceboxxx, Foot Village, Kevin Greenspon, Sister Fucker, tik///tik and more.

From Deathbomb Arc, “Each week will be a different band covering a huge variety of genres from noise-rock to breakcore, from witch house to new age and more. Each digital single will have gorgeous art made for it by Mario Zoots of Modern Witch.”

The first band featured is Batwings Catwings. You can listen to them on Facebook or visit their blogs cLAy TV and skeletiquenoir or even see them irl at the Smell tonight.

Go to Deathbomb Arc for more info.

(image via kazete)

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Baby V.O.X.

Kickin’ it old school with Baby V.O.X. in the house! Or as they would say “it’s time to bring that funky shit back back back back.”

(image source: singer pictures)

This was my favey kpop girl group back in the 90s/Y2K early millenium zone. Here’s why:
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Seo Taiji & Boys

In the late 80s, it was every god-fearing, mall-going, korean girl’s fantasy to experience her first romance with this man:

image via lollipop adventures

vbs (vacation bible school) was only tolerable because i got to watch my friends fight over every circle-glasses-wearing boy they could find. who is this man whose beautiful music inspired a generation of women to be attracted to circle glasses? the answer is seo taiji aka korea “culture leader”.

watch this video and experience for yourself a strange, sudden desire to date stylish, circle-glasses-wearing korean man. you may recognize the song from a little movie called “3 Ninjas”.
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Happy Birthday!

PrettyCoolLand’s Contributing Editor Naomi Elizabeth turns 24 today YAY!!!!!



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newest mmorpg characters are wonder girls


if you love the wonder girls, play mmo fantasy game aion and live in south korea, then you are in luck! the wonder girls are cyber touring atreia with their comeback song 2 different tears.

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more k-pop aliens

the wonder girls’ new single “2 different tears” shows off their new member hae lim and stars bobby lee as a space alien!
bobby lee

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lee hyori – chitty chitty bang bang music vid


lee hyori is an alien.  i already knew that. it is a little-known fact that the entire country of korea is of extraterrestrial origins and the plotline of the tv show “out of this world” was ripped from the annals of korean intergalactic history.

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