Blank by Bruce Reisman

Blank, the new play by Bruce Reisman, had my handsome Valentine and I wiping tears by the end. It’s 1947 and a famous playwright, skillfully played by Joel Bryant, has released himself from a mental hospital. Soon after, a young novelist Tom, convinces him to adapt his novel into a Broadway play. Their collaboration sets the stage for the men’s roller coaster ride of emotions. Kris Black is terrific as Tom especially while delivering a regret riddled, heart squeezing, closing monologue that leaves you thinking about a hopeful sadness. Hawk D’Onofrio is sweetly charming as the typist Charlie. His ease and trustworthy friendliness contrasts the other men’s more manic neurosis. Donna Scott and Kabby Borders are delightful as Logan’s sparing former and current wives. Farah Fath hurricanes through as Charlie’s no filter wife, Nora, ironically shining light on the situation. Fath delivers Nora with humor and poignancy that will put a smile on your face. The intimacy of the Ruby Theatre at the Complex, in Hollywood, makes for a delightful theatre experience. I can’t believe you haven’t even seen this yet. Better get those tickets. . Check out the facebook page for more info.

Bobby Paradise and the Cast of Blank

Bobby Paradise and the Cast of Blank

Words by Bobby ParadisePhoto by Erik Anaya 















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Don't care how I want it now.

Don’t care how I want it now.

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Studio Ghibli Screenings

ghibli castles in the sky
American Cinematheque is screening 15 (!!) Studio Ghibli films in Los Angeles. Actually, there’s only 14 more because the series already kicked off yesterday with “Porco Rosso”. But 14 is still a lot and some of them will be shown more than once. It’s going to be hard to choose which ones to see since I want to see them all. I think I’ll limit it to the ones I haven’t seen before. The event page has links to all the trailers and shows which ones will have subtitles and which ones will be dubbed. For your convenience (and mine), I’ve sorted the screenings by date below.

Fri. 1/27
SPIRITED AWAY 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Sat. 1/28

Sun. 1/29
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO 4:00pm, Aero Theatre
WHISPER OF THE HEART 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Thu. 2/2
OCEAN WAVES 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Fri. 2/3
PRINCESS MONONOKE 7:30pm, Egyptian Theatre

Sat. 2/4
THE CAT RETURNS 4:00pm, Aero Theatre (I’m super excited about this one. It’s a sequel to “Whisper of the Heart” and involves a kingdom of cats.)
CASTLE IN THE SKY 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Tue. 2/7
SPIRITED AWAY 7:30pm, Egyptian Theatre

Wed. 2/8

Thu. 2/9
ONLY YESTERDAY 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Fri. 2/10
POM POKO 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Sat. 2/11
KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE 4:00pm, Aero Theatre

Sun. 2/12
HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE 4:00pm, Egyptian Theatre (If you can’t make it to the screening, I highly recommend watching it on Netflix Streaming. I just watched it for the first time and loved it.)
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO 7:30pm, Egyptian Theatre

Mon. 2/13
THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY 7:30pm, Aero Theatre (This is a sneak preview. The movie premieres on 2/17.)

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Hongdae Holidays

Leila Khastoo has recently started a series of KPOP (Korean Pop music) events. Each event has it’s own theme and is centered around Korean Pop music and the club scene that is popular in the area of Hongdae Seoul, South Korea. Come join us at her next event which will take place in Downtown Los Angeles, CA the theme is “White Christmas”. Leila will be playing the latest and greatest KPOP videos and D.J. Banchan will be spinning Old School KPOP and Trance. Check out this article on Leila and her first Hongdae event in the Italian design magazine ARBITARE!

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DIY Con 2011

First annual DIY CON 2011 epic RAD! I hope everyone else had fun too. Here are some pix and videos for those who couldn’t make it. I am so excited for next year!

Clara’s Cakes

DIY Con Clara's Cakes

nom nom nom nom… Seriously, Clara’s Cakes are so delicious. Thee best vegan deserts I have ever had. She definitely knows how to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth with her ultra creative and purely delicious treats. Thank you Clara!

DIY Con Claras Cakes

“So good, way better than Baby Cakes!” Did you hear that Baby Cakes??

DIY Con Clara and Her Mom

Clara and her mom <3

Intergalactic Fantastic

DIY Con Intergalactic Fantastic

Sarah Cisco makes the cutest party favors, clothes, and pins! She made a whole collection of pins just for D.I.Y CON! She is truly talented.

DIY Con Intergalactic Fantastic Space Pins

Check out that display! So cute and unique. Sarah is a true individual. <3

DIY Con Intergalactic Fantastic Pin

Oh datz Geoff Geiss ^^^ a supporter of the arts and an artist himself. ZUP GEISS!

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D.I.Y CON 2011

Hey Everyone,

I am proud to announce the first annual 2011 DIY CON! DIY CON is a next level DIY (Do it yourself) convention for crafters, artists, chefs, performers and more! If you are creative and enjoy exploring new creative territories this is an event for you.



The event will be held at the beloved DIY venue The Smell which is located in downtown Los Angeles, CA.  The Smell is home of some of the most prolific D.I.Y/Experimental artists and musicians in L.A. it is the perfect setting for this event.

Mark your calendars for Sept 4th , 2011. The event starts at 8 p.m. it is all ages and only $5 all money made at the door will go to The Smell and all bands who are performing. The evening will feature some of the most innovative artists and musicians around.

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Foot Village, I.E. and clipping @9star Skate Park 1/29/11

ie sk8Get your groove on with Foot Village, IE and Jonathan Snipes’s new band clipping @ 9star skate park.

We’re celebrating Foot Village’s 7″ release of “Lovers With Iraqis“.

Even if you don’t have a record player, you can still enjoy this record because it comes with temporary tattoos:

george clooney tattoo

Bring your board or blades or whatever.

There will be a mini ramp competition.

7pm – 11612 Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064 (West LA) – Be there!

foot village 9star

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Where to Get Free or Cheap Puppy and Kitten Calendars

long cat calendar

If you frequent Korean banks, grocery stores, acupuncture clinics, etc., you’ve probably gotten your share of free calendars featuring pics of nature and quotes from God. Stop getting those and get these:

Pico Mart & Discount
2567 W. Pico Blvd. #H, Los Angeles, CA 90006
This place is on the NE corner of Pico and Berendo, right across the street from Dino’s. If you don’t know what Dino’s is, its where that weird smell is coming from. We’re regulars here, so the guy just gave us one after we filled up on 75 cent water. Their calendar features a white chihuahua dressed as Mrs. Clause.

Fashion Warehouse
1833 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90006
This place is right next to Rite Aid, right before the entrance to the 10. If they ran out of calendars, you can still get super cheap sweats and skinny jeans. The owner is cool too. This calendar features a kitten version of omg cat.

The Target on La Brea and Santa Monica has a puppy calendar in the dollar section. Love that dollar section. You can really fill a stocking up with that s. Anyway, this calendar features dogs eating kittens.

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Happy Holidays <3

scully christmas
via memento_icons

via gifninja

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Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival Opening Night @ Dem Passwords 12/14/10

hriffFrom 6-11:30pm, HRIFF will be holding its opening reception and screening. Find out more about the 10 films that will be screening that night here.

Laco$te, 333 Boyz and Human Hands will be performing at the after party starting at 11:30pm and ending at 3am.

Laco$te’s new video for “Numbers” won for Best Music Video! Congrats!

Dem Passwords is my favorite new venue. If you’ve never been, this is the perfect chance to check it out.

All day passes are $10. Look out for free pass giveaways at Pehrspace on Monday nights.

The film fest will be going until Dec. 16th.


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