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Rave of Thrones

It sure has been a great deal of minutes since our last post. We seem to have shimmered from your sights. Poof! Here I am for a moments time. I promised to post about our recent adventure to Rave of Thrones, the Game of Thrones themed rave with DJ Kristian Nairn a.k.a DJ HODOR.

The event was spectacular. Never have I imagined attending a rave based upon a television series, based upon a fantasy novel series. It felt very good to be amongst others who enjoy the series and electronic music so much that we all attended a themed rave that took place on a Wednesday evening from 10 p.m. to  2 a.m. having resulted in the shortest rave I’ve ever been to. It was immensely magnificant, the whole concept of this event was very cool. I’m so thankful and proud to have attended and dressed up in my best breeches for this. Clone wore her new cape and cloak and looked like a true beauty from the darkest of clouds above.

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Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2012 Recap

The first day of Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2013 is upon us. To celebrate, I’m finally posting our Ren Faire photos from a YEAR ago lol.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Ren Faire game faces: on.


Renaissance Pleasure Faire

This guy is killing it from head to toe.


Renaissance Pleasure Faire

This was an amazing free form battle. I can’t believe we got to witness it.


Renaissance Faire Buds

Look who we ran into – Renata, our favorite Vulcan!


Renaissance Faire Beard Braids

Beard braids!


Renaissance Faire

Working it with that turkety leg.


Renaissance Faire Turtle Race

Now this is the attitude I’m looking for in a turtle race game master – ultimate zen.


Renaissance Faire Hunters

Hunters score big game at Ren Faire – a tri tip chili bowl!


Renaissance Faire

The Queen’s College.


Renaissance Faire

It’s nice to have a mage or mercenary of some kind silently looking out for danger so you can enjoy your lager.

We’re going to try to make it to our first Gay Day on May 4th! Will you be there??

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Resistance is Futile ~ Star Trek Art Show


What a fun night I had a couple weeks ago at the Q Pop Shop!! There was a Star Trek art show called “Beam Me Up” where tons of folks spent their Saturday night on Feb. 16 – quite the eventful meeting of the United Federation of Los Angeles Star Trek lovers. Here’s a link to the sweetest Q Pop Shop exhibit of the year – Beam Me Up!

There were all sorts of paintings and sand drawings of various Star Trek series characters, embroideries and action figure collectibles, antique tricorders and screen-printed shirts, tons and tons more. I didn’t get to drink any Romulan Ale. I heard it sold out pretty early in the night, so I’ll have to get it next time! The dj was supposed to be playing “Star Trek tunes” but I couldn’t hear a thing, wish I had some borg implants to help me hear better!! Hahah.

Anyway here’s some photos of the show. I’m hoping to attend a convention this year, wish me luck! :)

Star Trek Art

Glitz & Glam & Nerds

There was a huge line to see the Star Trek exhibit at Q Pop Shop!! Everybody wanted a piece of the future!

Star Trek Art

Epic Gadgets

There were so many communicators and tricorders!! It was super classy gear and original Star Trek style.

Star Trek Art

Art by Anna Hollingsworth and ‘Neon Spock’ by Kevin Sukho Lee (avail. here)

Can anybody guess who the top painting is? He’s a special guy for Star Trek, definitely a special guy. And of course, Spock keeping it logical.

Star Trek Art

Red Alert

This couple was so cool! The dude made both costumes and he owned all the gadgets on display in the previous photo. I asked for a photo while debating what series is the best, too awesome… (we agreed TNG then Voyager).

Star Trek Art - Worf

Worf by Nick Bachman and Susan Nguyen (avail. here)

This won my heart, what a jem. You can practically hear Worf growling!!

Live Long and Prosper,
Jesse Marie Picard//Di Carlo-Wagner

Thanks to Angie for telling me about the show and letting me write this article on the best site ever!!

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Los Angeles Korean Festival 2011

The Los Angeles Korean Festival this year was wackadoodle. It totally topped last year’s. We shopped, ate, made religious crafts, got wasted, met a bunch of cool drunk girls and drunk ajushis and mostly just feasted our eyes on awesome stuff…

The latest in lady wear. Your mom is going to pick you up from school in this.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Ladies Tapout Fashion

What do you call a guy who has a perm and is super excited about balls? . . .

Los Angeles Korean Festival Eco Balls

. . . CUTE!

Margot really wanted to take a picture with this guy after we spotted him smoking a cigarette by the porto-potties. He was way excited about it and had his business card all ready to hand out to us. No, he’s not a soldier for hire. He’s a plumber, duh.

margot's new friend

Oh, you thought giant visors were for blocking the sun? They’re also for blocking LED lights, ok?

Los Angeles Korean Festival Night Visors

Looking for the perfect keychain accessory? It’s this giant teddy bear in a tutu.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Phone Charm

Buddhist crafts are so fun! We got to make these cute lotus lanterns.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Buddhist Crafts

Buddhism!!! Whoooo! F@%* yeah!

lotus beer

Korean grandma fashion makes me less scared to get old. I’ll get to be tiny and cute and only wear silky floral blouses with silky patterned high waters.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Ajumma

This guy won for best booth this year. He had a microphone and was selling giant wallpaper stickers while showing a slideshow of puppies.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Puppy Man

Welcome to the the roped off ‘let’s get totally hammered’ area.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Soju Hite Party

This guy was so fancy. Everyone was trying to shake his hand and he was acting so regal. When he started talking to Margot, everyone got totally J.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Fancy Man

Take a fashion tip from this guy. He knows what he’s doing.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Font Dress

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Tokyo Trip: Cat Magic Cat Cafe

One of my favorite places in Japan. I still can’t believe this exists.

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Darkmoon Faire LA 2010

darkmoon faire
So we totally attended this. It was at the Marriott in Torrance this past weekend. We only made it out to the last day but we got a bunch of free crap, met some awesome people and learned how to play World of Warcraft The Card Game. The event was sponsored by Cryptozoic Entertainment. There were some guys from Blizzard there too. If you beat them in a tournament, you got a free playing mat. We got to play with and take home the new Class-based Starter Decks and the un-released World Breaker packs which have all-new Cataclysm-based content. I got an in-game loot card too.

The winner of the Faire was Alex Gellerman, who won an iPad! Check out his intense game face.
alex gellerman wow tcg

We missed the Costume Contest but dressed up anyway.

Here’s Margot as a Hunter. Margot made the fur vest and cuffs and I made the cape :p
wow hunter

rpg cape rpg cape

Here’s me as a Defias bandit, one of my favorite WoW characters.
defias bandit defias bandit

The first time I encountered lady bandits was in a cabin by the lake in Elwynn Forest. A bunch of them came running towards me in low cut, tight outfits grunting and trying to stab me. I killed them easily. It was pretty funny.
Defias Marisa
(image via wowwiki)

Here are the actual winners of the costume contest, Maryssa and Cynthia Hall. Read this interview of them to find out how they made their costumes. Even though I look like the Paintshop version compared to them, I’m still proud. I mean, we mostly made everything by cutting up old stuff in our closet.
Maryssa and Cynthia Hall

If you’re interested in learning how to play, there are some hobby stores in the OC and IE that are participating in a charity event from Dec. 11-19. Just bring 4 cans of non-perishable food.

There is more info on that event and other battlegrounds and release parties on WoW TCG’s Facebook page.

(winner images via wow tcg)

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A Few of Our Favorite Places in the Inland Empire

We spent our whole Saturday roaming around the 909. It’s a land filled with tacos, rubber alien masks, raves and abandoned malls – the perfect place for hungry gamers.

San Bernardino
san bernardino
This is San Bernardino, home of Fun Corner.

fun corner
This is Fun Corner.

alf fun corner
This is an Alf poster board we got for a dollar! We love this place! The owners are awesome.

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Goth Metal Rave @ Downtown Disney w/Aural Vampire, Black Veil Brides & Birthday Massacre

We went to see Aural Vampire, a technogoth band from Japan, at House of Blues in Anaheim last Sunday and it was awsum! The singer, Exo-Chika, is a vampiress and her bandmate Raveman is cool guy who never takes off mask with flashing LED message “Rave of the Dead” even in everyday life flickr pictures.

Aural Vampire Exo Chika

As undead ravers, it was only fitting that they perform a cover of Zombie Nation’s classic “Kernkraft 400″. People seemed to enjoy the set even if they didn’t dance much. I don’t think they were expecting dance music because they were mostly there to experience dark feelings and stand only with head moving.

After Aural Vampire played, they chilled outside and we learned that they are really f-ing nice!! We are all really great friends now, as you can tell by Exo-Chika is touching my shoulder.

The guy in this pic asked his friend if he wanted her to take a picture with him too and he said no he wants her to bite him. Everyone thought she was really pretty because duh vampires are very attractive, they’re “the world’s most dangerous predator, Bella. Every thing about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell. As if I would need any of that… as if you could out run me… as if you could fight me off.” – Edward

Enjoy their music video for “Freeeeze!”:

We were really lucky that Black Veil Brides also played. I’d never heard them before but I saw a poster of them in Hollywood one time and was glad I did. They are like KISS/hair metal/emo and have an army of 13 year old girls called BVB Army. The singer, Andy 6, kept saying a bunch of cool stuff like “So suck my dick! This song is called ‘Children Surrender’” before dancing away. So cute!
andy sixx
(image via fanpop)
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Alfalfa Festival

We went to the Alfalfa Festival in Lancaster to visit our friend Adam this week it was so fun!! Carnival rides and barns and barns full of amazing art! You already missed Weird Al but the barns are still there. Until Friday 8/29. If you can’t make it, at least you can check out all the cool art we took pix of…

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Minerals, Gems and Butterflies @ the Natural History Museum

Every first Tuesday of the month is free at the Natural History Museum. We decided to go after hearing about Pavilion of Wings, a live butterfly exhibit that runs until September 6th. Romance was definitely in the air – we saw butterflies 69′ing on a leaf and another pair doing it in midair! In front of children!

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