From conventions and faires to nature excursions and weird So Cal destinations, we’re adventuring through space and time and reporting straight back here!

Pix from Anime Expo 2010


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Here’s a music video I made about this crazy nos trip i went on.

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E3 Runway

E3 was not only a place for gamers but also serious fashionistas! Check out these great fashions!

three wolf moon

three wolf moon

Check out the legend of the “three wolf moon” t-shirt. Three Wolf meme.

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highlights from renfair 2010

this year’s renaissance faire was WEIRD! and awesome of course. when we first walked in, we were bombarded with authentical craftery and merry-making. this one lord showed us how to make cool bracelets and traditional clown wenches pleased us with their plentiful bounties. as we quested deeper into the faire, things got nigh freakier. everyone started getting real naked and drunk.

renaissance faire pickles

i couldn’t tell if i was in the renaissance or in a parking lot at a metal concert. no one was speaking olde english except the barmaid girls who said “thank thee” if you bought a pulled pork sandwich. there was this really weird pickle theme going on too. to sum things up, i can’t wait to go again next year! oh yeah, this guy was cool. think he wanted to stick his braid up my but. i said thanks cus im really quick on my feet. huzzah! authentic anglo culture!

renaissance faire pickles

renaissance faire

renaissance faire knight
triple goddess

Video 91 0 00 00-01

Video 88 0 00 17-08











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orccon 2010

scully is the key to a good collage

The 2010 Orccon/Strategicon was everything I expected an old-school gaming convention to be. There were pale-skinned youths roaming around in velvet capes, hearty maidens with overflowing corsets and pony-tailed men with glasses.
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korea times music festival ’10

i just bought tix to the 8th annual korean music festival at the hollywood bowl. they’ve announced the following artists so far: Choi Sung-Soo, 2PM, Wonder Girls, HAHA(MC), Leessang, Kim Jong-Kook, Yoon Soo-Il, and Kim Yun-Ja. more artists will be announced tonight. if you’re going to buy tickets, i recommend calling one of the numbers here (the online ticketing system has been down). it would be my total dream come true if lee jung hyun was announced. or even girls’ generation, brown eyed girls, koyote or h.o.t.! but im old school and totally dreaming.

wonder girls

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halloween day

they were having some crazy exhibition at royal t starring hello kitty. all these different artists made their own renditions of her. this one was the sexiest.

hamster and hello kitty borg

hamster and hello kitty borg

it was tots packed. they even had a line to get into one of the little ‘store’ areas which was weird. i never waited in line to get into a store. which we didnt do anyway. but it was pretty fun. i bet they made a sh*t ton of money. they shoulda given out candy! i wish there were other sanrio characters included too. where my little twin stars at? and my melody. and what about spottie dottie? haha. she’s kinda freaky looking. for a “fashion expert from new york.” whats everyone’s favorite sanrio character?

what makes keegan happy

what makes keegan happy?

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