Medieval Cyber Drag Fashion Tutorials

There are so many awesome ladies (and doods) out there who put a lot of time and effort into passing on their crazy-ass diy skills. Why not take their advice and make it my best looking year ever? With the help of the internet, we can all make 2011 the best looking year of all time and space!

renaissance braidlord of the rings hairmedieval braid
Learn how to turn useless strands of hair into an intense tribute to Lord of the Rings at Dream Weaver Braiding.

mesh goth topgoth hair veil
Cut out that old, useless crotch on your pantyhose and put your head through it. For more detailed instructions on how to make a mesh goth top and gothic hair accessories go to Antimony & Lace.

pink orange braid wigloose falls tutorial
Don’t be afraid of color! Loose falls, dreadbraid wig and other cyberg0th hair tutorials at I Kick Shins.

renaissance clothesrenaissance clothespartlet
Learn which one of these is a partlet and how to make it at The Renaissance Tailor. A classic neck accessory is a must.
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!~Fimo Mania~!

fimo nail art


I’m so into fimo nail art right now, almost obsessed. Fimo nail art is made of Polymer Clay the clay is made to look like pieces of fruit or veggies or just about anything you can think of. The most common fimo nail art are fruit slices. It is baked into long cylinders that you can purchase whole and slice yourself or you can buy them pre-sliced I bought mine in Japan pre-sliced for 1oo yen which is equal to about a U.S. dollar. I went with a citrus theme. I painted my nails with two coats of Neon Orange Kleancolor nail polish. With tweezers and nail glue i carefully arranged the slices onto my nails and then went over with a clear coat and voila! I had a cool citrus themed nail!!! It is a lot of fun and looks so cute. I recommend grabbing your best girl and guy pals and coming up with fun themes and just go at it!

Fimo is sold at almost any beauty store these days. I went to Santee Alley and picked up a multi-pack with fish cakes and kiwis and about 5 other cute food designs for a buck, can’t beat that. It’s a fast, easy, and cheap way to have a professional looking manicure and feel good about yourself!

fimo oranges

1st Fimo attempt pretty successful!

Next is strawberries and gems I can’t wait! Watch this cool tutorial and check out these awesome designs! Try your own look and please send me pics!!! totallymag@hotmail.com

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broken internet hair stick

kpop hair

hair stick

I was really sad last night because my internet stopped working. After eating about 60 cheezits, I decided to try this kpop inspired hairstyle. It’s a totally hot look right now. I’m pretty happy with it and I encourage you to try it.

To achieve this style: grab some of your hair, rap 5+ ponytail holders around it and then curl the remainder. You look amazing.

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More Kandi :D

We’re on the front page of kandipatterns.com! Right there on the bottom.

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Kandii Update

We did it! We made all these kandii cuffs! Go to kandipatterns.com or youtube (duh :p ) for tutorials if you’re down to make some. Tip: tighten the elastic string every time you put a bead on. You don’t have to keep it super tightened the whole time, just make sure to tug at it. If you don’t it can get real crooked and fat and the string will show through. Not so cool.

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Omg. Margot has gotten me into making Kandi bracelets. We found the most awesome website, kandipatterns.com, probably the most awesome website ever besides this one :P

They have so many patterns and tutorials.

Check out all these amazing bracelets!

Don’t mind her cat. That’s just her cat. So we’re going to watch Veronica Mars right now and make PC Land cuffs with windows logos or something gay like that. Yes! So many addictions now.

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Alpha Centauri Alien Models

Pegasus Hobbies made this really amazing model kit of a pair of Alpha Centauri Alien models. These models can be built different ways i chose both the open hatch and closed hatch way of building.

I’m a little confused because these aliens I think are  representing the Red Dwarf star that the binary star system Alpha Centauri is often confused with. So these aliens are red and very very small. However, Alpha Centaurians are according to Babylon 5, a very reputable source, are humanoids they looking nothing at all like anything from the gray family. But whatever! the important thing is that I kicked ass making these it took about 2 hours to get it together and fully painted.

Alpha Centauri

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Stock Photography Art Project

By Naomi Elizabeth

May 25 2010

One day last week I was reading about stock photographs and I became suddenly obsessed with the idea of taking them myself. Prior to that day I had never thought even once about the subject. Primarily because, as we all know, stock photos are disturbing, oppressive, and slightly nauseating. It was this element of filth itself that drew me to the idea.

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korean baby potatoes (gamja jorim)

Gamja Jorim is a salty and slightly sweet Korean side dish made of baby potatoes. So cute and easy to make.


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php memory limit fix

After uploading a new plugin (WP Ecommerce) to one of my other sites, I got the following error listed multiple times on my dashboard:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1966080 bytes) in /home/********/public_html/wp-includes/class-simplepie.php on line 4309

I also got the following error when I tried to do an auto upgrade of the plugin:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 802385 bytes) in /home4/mcgrawma/public_html/blog/wp-includes/http.php on line 1358

Even if your errors list a different line number, it is most likely the same problem: you’ve run out of php space. Here’s how I fixed it.

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