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Rave of Thrones

It sure has been a great deal of minutes since our last post. We seem to have shimmered from your sights. Poof! Here I am for a moments time. I promised to post about our recent adventure to Rave of Thrones, the Game of Thrones themed rave with DJ Kristian Nairn a.k.a DJ HODOR.

The event was spectacular. Never have I imagined attending a rave based upon a television series, based upon a fantasy novel series. It felt very good to be amongst others who enjoy the series and electronic music so much that we all attended a themed rave that took place on a Wednesday evening from 10 p.m. to  2 a.m. having resulted in the shortest rave I’ve ever been to. It was immensely magnificant, the whole concept of this event was very cool. I’m so thankful and proud to have attended and dressed up in my best breeches for this. Clone wore her new cape and cloak and looked like a true beauty from the darkest of clouds above.

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Hengao for Your Body by Angelina Jolie

Remember Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her hengao (facial contortion beauty art) revival last year?

kyary pamyu hengao

Well, I’m so happy that this trend has finally made it to the US, in BODY FORM via Angelina Jolie’s LEG!!!


Angelina kept sticking her leg out of this dress all night at the Oscars. It was goofy. Then I saw this today:

(via reddit)

Gorgeous. It really got me thinking. Hengao is not just for your face anymore! Look out for some highly elegant/beautiful photos of me coming soon. And from you too I hope! I love how supportive Brad looks.

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I just discovered an America’s Next Top Model contestant’s OLD music video! It’s from one of prettycoolland’s favorite all stars – Lisa D’Amato. Or should I say La Puchinetta.

She got runner up for best Pot Ledom video on last week’s ANTM.

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Pot Ledom

Wow! I hate to say it: after Bianca left America’s Next Top Model, all of the remaining girls began to support one another’s abilities. In this 17th Cycle these All star girls had the chance to make an awesome viral video but Tyra had to put her Mug all up on that! All up on every one of the girls vids.

Viral Ty Ty

Anyway, Allison had the best vid! Her vid had guest judge, Game, totally attracted to her weirdness. Way to go!

Remember girls, We will achieve greatness together!

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Netflix Streaming Review: Inuyasha

inuyasha kagome
(image via sehwa)

Once I start a series I really like, I can’t watch anything else until I’ve seen every episode. My latest obsession is Inuyasha, an anime series that aired in Japan from 2002-2010. It’s filled with magic, action, humor and romance. Even though it’s really light-hearted and fun, it has tons of drama and really dark concepts and characters like evil babies and soul eating. Plus subtitles!! Why are post 80′s English voice-overs so terrible?

(image via kagome higurashi)

The show follows Kagome, a teenage girl (of course) who is the reincarnation of Kikyo, a feudal era priestess. Kagome travels back in time and meets the half human half dog-demon Inuyasha, who was in love with her when she was a priestess. It sounds confusing but it’s easy to follow when you’re watching it. Most of the show takes place in the feudal era and is filled with lots of characters from Japanese lore. But since Kagome is from modern day, she travels back every once in a while to take exams, go to WacDonald’s and buy instant ramen for everyone.


The other main characters are a funny baby fox demon, a really pretty demon slayer, a cute little demon cat and a young priest with a black hole in his hand. They all travel together on a quest to kill this demon man, Naraku, who’s been ruining all their lives and killing their loved ones. I even cried during one episode because of what he did to Sango’s little brother :(

sango and kohaku
(image via sesshyswind)

Kagome and Inuyasha have a really cute romance. I’m a total sucker for slow, drawn-out romances. You know, like Scully and Mulder, Pam and Jim, even Ross and Rachel lol. Kagome actually ends up having to compete with her old incarnation, Kikyo, for Inuyasha and her own soul. The concept of reincarnation that they use in the show is pretty interesting. Souls can be shared by multiple people, one person’s body can house multiple souls and different people have different sized souls.

(image via kagome higurashi)

The animation is really cute and even beautiful at times. Other times it’s kind of simple, almost Pokemon-like. Aside from one or two songs, I wasn’t really into any of the opening and closing theme songs. But I really loved the actual music that plays during the show. For fans of Ranma 1/2 and Uresei Yatsura, you’ll probably like Inuyasha because it’s written by the same adorable author, Rumiko Takahashi.

rumiko takahashi
(image via sunnyspot)

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My literary criticism of the novel Whatever by Michel Houellebecq

Literary criticism of the novel ”Whatever”, by Michel Houellebecq
By Naomi Elizabeth
(As an aside: You know who decided it was ok to put me in the position of writing literary criticism? You know who? Fuck you.)
The first part of the novel is invariably flat. The protagonist’s experience is full of mildly depressing observations and alienating interactions with fellow office workers. It never veers too far towards pathos on the one hand, or lightheartedness on the other. The flatness, the emotionless account of a person’s, frankly boring, daily routine was to me a strong statement about the quotidien of human activities.
At the end of the book the character starts to fall apart, become violent and suicidal, and the story ends on a miserable note. For my purposes, evoking miserable images is just too easy. I was more moved by the initial sterility, the sense of looming unhappiness that is never fully pinpointed or addressed. What I found impressive was the book’s ability to create sustained, unresolved dissatisfaction, without any outstanding events or drama occurring.
After that, the concept of ensuing crisis or unraveling is comparatively less magnificent. Otherwise, my favorite part of the book was the story of the chimpanzee who, having questioned the meaning of life, had to inevitably be murdered by an army of storks.

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RuRu Review

The girls got totally Leotarded, last week, on Rupaul’s Drag Race season 3. The girls had to split into two teams once again. Only this time they were challenged to make a work out video with some, on set criticism, from the legendary workout lady, Susan Powter. “STOP THE INSANITY!”

Alexis Mateo, with her cross training workout, Lipgloss Thingamagiggy pull, won the challenge. A $2500 gift certificate to

We found out some shocking, well not so shocking, info about one of the big girls on this week’s untucked. She admitted to sleeping with men who actually thought her a biological woman. Scandelouso. Stacy Laynn Matthews (may have misspelled that).

Mimi Imfurst and India Ferrah, the least attractive queens, were in the bottom two. Not because of their lack of good genes but because India was boring and her runway outfit was tooo much. Mimi was just over the top and unorganized.
During thier lipsync for life Mimi got hands on and lifted India right off the ground.
DSCF0115 DSCF0116

Rupaul told Mimi,”Drag is not a contact sport. India Ferrah Shan Te you stay.” Mimi now Sa Shay away. I was so glad. Mimi can suck it. she needs to spend like hours, days, weeks in a room all by herself then she’ll realize how annoying that scary clown mouth is.

I am still on team Raja yet, Manila Luzon is coming up quick.
Here are Raja’s Legs.

The guest judges were LaToya Jackson, who told a heavy queen Stacy that she looks like her relatives. haahahaha. Makeup super star Bobby B was another guest judge. Tonight it will be my dream girl! Chloe Sivigney!!
Lets hope we never see this face again.


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Rupaul’s Drag Race Season3: 2nd Elimination

Along with $75,000 and Headlining the Rupaul’s Drag Race Absolut vodka  US Tour, I failed to mention, the winning queen wins a lifetime supply of Krylon prof. make-up. So this week the queens were split into two teams. Phoenix and Mariah were team captians.



Each team was given a script in which they had to act out in their best outer space looks. Phoenix’s team acted out Drag Queens in Outer Space: From Earth to Uranus. Mariah’s acted out Return to Uranus, the sequel. Mariah’s team won the challenge.

Shangela and Alexis Mateo who played the Twin Bots won this week’s prize.

A gift certificate to

They didn’t do better than my girl Raja but, Raja was on the losing team.

So two of the queens from Phoenix’s team had to lip-sync for their lives. Raja won immunity last week so it ain’t her!

It was between Phoenix and Delta.

In the end Delta was told, Shan Te you Stay while Phoenix had to Sa Shay Away.
Bye Phoenix, hope to never see you again.

This week’s guest judges were Caprica’s Alessandra Torresani and living legend Lily Tomlin.

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Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3!

My fav reason to live is in its 3rd season! Rupaul’s Drag Race! This time around there are more prizes, like $75,000! The winner also goes on an Absolut Vodka US tour.
rupauls drag race season 3

Anyway. Raja is my fav so far. Raja for the WIN! She is just a young (well, not young) super model. No camp; just class. She won all challenges in the first episode. Raja definitely has Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.
raja raja drag race

A queen from season 2 has returned, Shangela, and was one of the first two to have to lip-sync for her life. She is Lame! She does have Charisma and Nerve but, no Uniqueness or Talent.
shangela rupaul shangela

As for the other queen, Venus D-lite. Girl is a Madonna impersonator not a drag queen. She got her face filled with plastic to look more like Madonna, EW! She became violent on stage with Shagela during their lip sync duel. It made Rupaul uncomfortable, “I expect my queens to out shine each other, not out gun each other.” So Shangela was asked Shan te Stay, while Venus was asked to Sa shay away. Hahaha!
venus dlite sashay away

Oh,Vanessa Williams was the guest judge this week.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of the best tv shows I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch all the episodes online at Logo. I’d start with season 2. If you’re from Riverside, you might recognize some of the show’s stars, Tammie Brown, Raven and Morgan McMichaels. Our very own Senior Editor, Margot, grew up watching Raven’s amazing Drag Show “Snatch” at Club Menagerie, which you can still catch every Thursday night at 11pm. It’s the perfect double-date night! We went with Bobby and Erik, who took all the photos below. Thanks Erik!!

An amazing Whitney impersonation by Mayhem! One of my most cherished memories of all time.

Mayhem does the best Whitney impersonation of all time.

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