A Brief Note Regarding “I’d Hit It”

“I’d Hit It” refers to a phrase commonly used in a conversation between men on the Internet, when they are presented with the photograph of a woman who does not meet their standards for attractiveness. One would say “I’d hit it” to express that, if offered the opportunity in another hypothetical reality, he would have sex with that woman one time, and then dismiss her since it had already been established that she was not worth pursuing a relationship with. It should be noted that in fact, these standards are highly inflated and in reality these men would sleep with, and date, someone far less attractive even than the photograph. The expression can also be used to connote that the woman in question, although physically attractive, is in some other way undesirable due to any number of character flaws.

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xiaxue.blogspot.com wtf

I can’t stop reading this blog by self-proclaimed cam-whore and “internet bitch” XiaXue. Azn girl culture is so intense right now. If you want to delve straight into its darkness you must read her blog.


Tens of thousands of people just like me read her long-ass posts about chin minimizers, teeth whiteners and potato chips even when she has made it blatantly clear that they are just advertisements she was paid to write. That is crazy. Wtf. Why do I read it? Because she’s funny and really f-ing weird in a way that reminds me of my own relatives. She writes like a ditz, gives good hair advice, likes all the same goofy girly cute stuff I do and horrifies me with bloody pictures of herself right after eye lid surgery! Plus she writes “meh?” at the end of a lot of sentences and I like that.

xia xiu poo

I know she can be really shallow and sometimes mean but then she’ll reel me back in with a really cute post about how Christians need to stop bagging on gay people. Also, in my head she sounds like a Valley Girl but I guess that’s just how my brain sounds cus I watched a video she made and her voice is unexpectedly deep. It was kinda weird but somehow made me even more fascinated with her.

Anyway, my point is that there she is right there on the internet saying all of these awesome things for us to read and think about:

peace“As we grow, every single thing on us grows, except two: EYEBALLS.”

“She’d be like all “Wendy use your blog popularity for good and to praise baby Jesus etc” and I’d be like “Uh stfu bitch.”"

“Actually I’ve been feeling that life is quite meaningless after the last Harry Potter book was written!!”

“Being Asian, I obviously LOVE rice. And now I can haz rice with my potato chips.”

“I think it’s the single most awesome make up item, because every other make up only either conceals your flaws or emphasizes your chio bits… But contacts… CONTACTS COMPLETELY COVERS YOUR ORIGINAL BODY PART. So it doesn’t matter if your iris is very small, a bit small, or not the colour you want. Once you wear your contacts it will be your DREAM IRIS!”

“If you are watching a sex scene with a date then great, perhaps it’d lead to sex for the first time between you two. Congratulations.”

“Rice is the new potato.”

“I was like “EW! Who the hell invited her?!!” and kept checking the corners are clear (cue kungfu chop) before turning into them just in case she punches my newly surgeried eyes.”

“Wah lau I wish I was chio enough to be in an MTV lor with 2 hot guys fighting over me ccb.”

“Did I already mention that the Japanese are freaking geniuses?? Everytime I see an awesome idea from them I get more and more convinced that the rest of us are cavemen.”

“When people talk about their lofty dreams (which I presume makes them wanna carry on living) and in turn ask me what I want in life, all I really wanted to do (but didn’t) was…
1) To attend a prom (and be prom queen! I’ve never went to prom ever) 2) To join a sorority 3) To be a cheerleader. WTF IS THIS NONSENSE??”

“Gang members should appear in Priuses (it’s a hybrid car)! Trust me, an environmentally friendly gang? It sends the message “I’m cool and will kill you but I wanna save this beautiful Earth”.”

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What It’s Like To Work For PrettyCoolLand

What It’s Like To Work For Pretty Cool Land

by Naomi Elizabeth

A lot of people ask me what it’s like to work with Angie and Margot, so I thought I would tell everyone about my experiences here. First of all, I know they make it all look like fun and games, and the truth is that, it is!
On my first day, I was a little nervous, to be honest with you. Margot and Angie are both so nice, but they are intimidating when you meet them! They are so funny and cool, and all their friends are really funny too. But they made me feel at home right away, and I’ve been doing my best ever since.
Sometimes, in the middle of working, they’ll just put some records on the turntable and start dancing! It’s a great way to take a break in the middle of the day.
It all goes to show you, that you can have a lot of fun on the job, without putting a dent in your productivity. Thanks for giving me this opportunity, you guys, I’ll never forget it.

PS I’m just kidding. I don’t work for this website and I’m just some asshole.

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Official Nerd Culture Advisors


Pretty Cool Land made Brian Miller’s ‘Top Advisors of 2010‘ list on LA Record. “Every time we hang out I get to be a little girl again. Cute is all that matters, and nerdy is still a way of life even though the 1990s are gone.” Total pinpoint right there (he’s always down to play Perfect Match with us). Thx Brian!!! Check out our funky ass interview and find out who knows wassup bout dance music, cgi, g0th and more. Includes Jonathan of Captain Ahab, bff Melissa aka Dogchain and Rand of randsevilla.com. So many experts! Not to mention Brian, who is our awesome Dragonlance/Halloween/Burbank advisor.

Also, E&E’s Untitled made it into Brian’s ‘Top Albums of 2010′ at #4! Yay! If you haven’t heard it, it kinda sounds like a future version of Robotech soundtrack re-recorded on vhs. So pretty/spooky.

(image via hollyfluxx)

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Internet Kawaii Photo Booth w/Hilary Duff

Puricute.com is cool. You can make cute sticker picture style photos there but I couldn’t stop making creepy ones instead.



Cute Purikura Online cute

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cats blogging


my new favorite blogger is a cat. i wish my cat had a blog. even ninja cat has a blog.

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internet pizza

for an unparalleled internet experience, order domino’s pizza online. you’ll know exactly who is prepping your pizza and at what time it hit the oven and which delivery guy is coming to bring you the most delicious pasta bread bowl ever! you even get to play connect 4 while you wait and post pics of delicious menu items to your facebook. do it now >>>dominos.com!

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all about margot “delargo”

check out this interview of margot by rand, who has a van with a tiny lazy boy inside.  anyway, margot is cool and so is rand. :)

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christmas shopping

i just found the coolest online store – strapya-world! the site is packed with weird, cute and funny gadgets. the product descriptions and youtube commercials are pretty wacky, mostly explaining how you can use the product to land babes (or make them slap you for no reason). something i definitely need is the mp3 player that looks like a “vip” credit card.


put it on my vip account

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