Game Manuals: Ultimate Fantasy Literature?

Fantasy literature did not appeal to me at all when I was younger. It was annoying to have to sort through books about unicorns and castles when I was just trying to find a book about hive mind aliens and putting the internet into a female human body.

elf defence
(image via science fiction universe)

But now I love it! After reading some of Margot’s amazing game manuals, I finally realized how dark and brutal and totally entertaining fantasy literature can be!

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Hengao for Your Body by Angelina Jolie

Remember Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her hengao (facial contortion beauty art) revival last year?

kyary pamyu hengao

Well, I’m so happy that this trend has finally made it to the US, in BODY FORM via Angelina Jolie’s LEG!!!


Angelina kept sticking her leg out of this dress all night at the Oscars. It was goofy. Then I saw this today:

(via reddit)

Gorgeous. It really got me thinking. Hengao is not just for your face anymore! Look out for some highly elegant/beautiful photos of me coming soon. And from you too I hope! I love how supportive Brad looks.

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Studio Ghibli Screenings

ghibli castles in the sky
American Cinematheque is screening 15 (!!) Studio Ghibli films in Los Angeles. Actually, there’s only 14 more because the series already kicked off yesterday with “Porco Rosso”. But 14 is still a lot and some of them will be shown more than once. It’s going to be hard to choose which ones to see since I want to see them all. I think I’ll limit it to the ones I haven’t seen before. The event page has links to all the trailers and shows which ones will have subtitles and which ones will be dubbed. For your convenience (and mine), I’ve sorted the screenings by date below.

Fri. 1/27
SPIRITED AWAY 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Sat. 1/28

Sun. 1/29
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO 4:00pm, Aero Theatre
WHISPER OF THE HEART 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Thu. 2/2
OCEAN WAVES 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Fri. 2/3
PRINCESS MONONOKE 7:30pm, Egyptian Theatre

Sat. 2/4
THE CAT RETURNS 4:00pm, Aero Theatre (I’m super excited about this one. It’s a sequel to “Whisper of the Heart” and involves a kingdom of cats.)
CASTLE IN THE SKY 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Tue. 2/7
SPIRITED AWAY 7:30pm, Egyptian Theatre

Wed. 2/8

Thu. 2/9
ONLY YESTERDAY 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Fri. 2/10
POM POKO 7:30pm, Aero Theatre

Sat. 2/11
KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE 4:00pm, Aero Theatre

Sun. 2/12
HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE 4:00pm, Egyptian Theatre (If you can’t make it to the screening, I highly recommend watching it on Netflix Streaming. I just watched it for the first time and loved it.)
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO 7:30pm, Egyptian Theatre

Mon. 2/13
THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY 7:30pm, Aero Theatre (This is a sneak preview. The movie premieres on 2/17.)

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Underworld Awakening 3D Review

Underworld Awakening

Underworld Awakening 3D. Saw this. Liked it.

Compared to all the other Underworlds, this one had a really simple plot. The main focus was on Selene just killing everyone while looking like Trent Reznor. So you don’t really need to have seen the other movies to get it.

The new character is cool.

The lycans (werewolves) were really claymation-ey, which I enjoyed (monster throwbacks).

Even though there was only one scene where I noticed the 3D, it was worth it cus we saw it at Regal and they do that amazing rollercoaster of snacks thing. LOVE THAT! 100 gazillion times better than that boring actors in robotic flower-chairs thing they do at Edwards. HATE THAT. Why are you showing me people pretending to be entertained instead of just entertaining ME? So dumb.

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Best V4G1N4 Technology of 2011

1. Vibrance Kegel Device
kegel device
Because, like most ladies, kegels are #1 on my list of things I need help doing. Here’s to rock hard vaginas in 2012! Purchase product here. (via Cheeserland)

2. Vibrator Alarm Clock
So just put this in your vagina along with all those other things you store in there all night long. Why? So you can wake up to a “snorgasm” duh. Which I’m assuming is supposed to be a good thing, even though it sounds more like “So how was your date last night?” “So boring!! Talk about having multiple snorgasms.” “Hahahaha.” “Lol.” “Lol that sux.” Purchase product here. (via Geekologie)


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Hongdae Holidays

Leila Khastoo has recently started a series of KPOP (Korean Pop music) events. Each event has it’s own theme and is centered around Korean Pop music and the club scene that is popular in the area of Hongdae Seoul, South Korea. Come join us at her next event which will take place in Downtown Los Angeles, CA the theme is “White Christmas”. Leila will be playing the latest and greatest KPOP videos and D.J. Banchan will be spinning Old School KPOP and Trance. Check out this article on Leila and her first Hongdae event in the Italian design magazine ARBITARE!

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I just discovered an America’s Next Top Model contestant’s OLD music video! It’s from one of prettycoolland’s favorite all stars – Lisa D’Amato. Or should I say La Puchinetta.

She got runner up for best Pot Ledom video on last week’s ANTM.

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Pot Ledom

Wow! I hate to say it: after Bianca left America’s Next Top Model, all of the remaining girls began to support one another’s abilities. In this 17th Cycle these All star girls had the chance to make an awesome viral video but Tyra had to put her Mug all up on that! All up on every one of the girls vids.

Viral Ty Ty

Anyway, Allison had the best vid! Her vid had guest judge, Game, totally attracted to her weirdness. Way to go!

Remember girls, We will achieve greatness together!

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Los Angeles Korean Festival 2011

The Los Angeles Korean Festival this year was wackadoodle. It totally topped last year’s. We shopped, ate, made religious crafts, got wasted, met a bunch of cool drunk girls and drunk ajushis and mostly just feasted our eyes on awesome stuff…

The latest in lady wear. Your mom is going to pick you up from school in this.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Ladies Tapout Fashion

What do you call a guy who has a perm and is super excited about balls? . . .

Los Angeles Korean Festival Eco Balls

. . . CUTE!

Margot really wanted to take a picture with this guy after we spotted him smoking a cigarette by the porto-potties. He was way excited about it and had his business card all ready to hand out to us. No, he’s not a soldier for hire. He’s a plumber, duh.

margot's new friend

Oh, you thought giant visors were for blocking the sun? They’re also for blocking LED lights, ok?

Los Angeles Korean Festival Night Visors

Looking for the perfect keychain accessory? It’s this giant teddy bear in a tutu.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Phone Charm

Buddhist crafts are so fun! We got to make these cute lotus lanterns.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Buddhist Crafts

Buddhism!!! Whoooo! F@%* yeah!

lotus beer

Korean grandma fashion makes me less scared to get old. I’ll get to be tiny and cute and only wear silky floral blouses with silky patterned high waters.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Ajumma

This guy won for best booth this year. He had a microphone and was selling giant wallpaper stickers while showing a slideshow of puppies.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Puppy Man

Welcome to the the roped off ‘let’s get totally hammered’ area.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Soju Hite Party

This guy was so fancy. Everyone was trying to shake his hand and he was acting so regal. When he started talking to Margot, everyone got totally J.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Fancy Man

Take a fashion tip from this guy. He knows what he’s doing.

Los Angeles Korean Festival Font Dress

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DIY Con 2011

First annual DIY CON 2011 epic RAD! I hope everyone else had fun too. Here are some pix and videos for those who couldn’t make it. I am so excited for next year!

Clara’s Cakes

DIY Con Clara's Cakes

nom nom nom nom… Seriously, Clara’s Cakes are so delicious. Thee best vegan deserts I have ever had. She definitely knows how to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth with her ultra creative and purely delicious treats. Thank you Clara!

DIY Con Claras Cakes

“So good, way better than Baby Cakes!” Did you hear that Baby Cakes??

DIY Con Clara and Her Mom

Clara and her mom <3

Intergalactic Fantastic

DIY Con Intergalactic Fantastic

Sarah Cisco makes the cutest party favors, clothes, and pins! She made a whole collection of pins just for D.I.Y CON! She is truly talented.

DIY Con Intergalactic Fantastic Space Pins

Check out that display! So cute and unique. Sarah is a true individual. <3

DIY Con Intergalactic Fantastic Pin

Oh datz Geoff Geiss ^^^ a supporter of the arts and an artist himself. ZUP GEISS!

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