Hengao ~ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

hengao kyary pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is one of Japan’s top idols right now. She’s a high school student, fashion blogger, magazine model and most recently, a pop singer. Most importantly, she’s bringing back “hengao”, the lovely expression you see above. I’m hoping this trend will catch on in the U.S. because it looks amazing. You have to have a lot of confidence and great facial features to pull this off. One of our best and most handsome friends, Gaku, is a master of hengao. Every photo I’ve ever seen of him is gorgeous. If hengao was a competitive sport then he would definitely win. But it’s not competitive, it’s just a great way to show the world who you are on the inside. I can’t wait to live in a world where everyone is doing this all the time. Watch Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s latest music video for more inspiration.

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I Am A Hologram From 2046 by Naomi Elizabeth

Naomi Elizabeth

Naomi Elizabeth just wrote a new book called “I Am A Hologram From 2046 (My, Uh, Innermost Thoughts, Apparenty)” and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m so glad one of my funniest friends wrote a book. If you like books that are funny, honest, weird and inspiring then this one is for you. Reading it was like being able to read someone’s thoughts and then thinking “wow, these are some awesome thoughts.” You can get a copy from Naomi herself at the D.I.Y Con tonight or you can get a copy here.

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D.I.Y CON 2011

Hey Everyone,

I am proud to announce the first annual 2011 DIY CON! DIY CON is a next level DIY (Do it yourself) convention for crafters, artists, chefs, performers and more! If you are creative and enjoy exploring new creative territories this is an event for you.



The event will be held at the beloved DIY venue The Smell which is located in downtown Los Angeles, CA.  The Smell is home of some of the most prolific D.I.Y/Experimental artists and musicians in L.A. it is the perfect setting for this event.

Mark your calendars for Sept 4th , 2011. The event starts at 8 p.m. it is all ages and only $5 all money made at the door will go to The Smell and all bands who are performing. The evening will feature some of the most innovative artists and musicians around.

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Netflix Streaming Review: Inuyasha

inuyasha kagome
(image via sehwa)

Once I start a series I really like, I can’t watch anything else until I’ve seen every episode. My latest obsession is Inuyasha, an anime series that aired in Japan from 2002-2010. It’s filled with magic, action, humor and romance. Even though it’s really light-hearted and fun, it has tons of drama and really dark concepts and characters like evil babies and soul eating. Plus subtitles!! Why are post 80′s English voice-overs so terrible?

(image via kagome higurashi)

The show follows Kagome, a teenage girl (of course) who is the reincarnation of Kikyo, a feudal era priestess. Kagome travels back in time and meets the half human half dog-demon Inuyasha, who was in love with her when she was a priestess. It sounds confusing but it’s easy to follow when you’re watching it. Most of the show takes place in the feudal era and is filled with lots of characters from Japanese lore. But since Kagome is from modern day, she travels back every once in a while to take exams, go to WacDonald’s and buy instant ramen for everyone.


The other main characters are a funny baby fox demon, a really pretty demon slayer, a cute little demon cat and a young priest with a black hole in his hand. They all travel together on a quest to kill this demon man, Naraku, who’s been ruining all their lives and killing their loved ones. I even cried during one episode because of what he did to Sango’s little brother :(

sango and kohaku
(image via sesshyswind)

Kagome and Inuyasha have a really cute romance. I’m a total sucker for slow, drawn-out romances. You know, like Scully and Mulder, Pam and Jim, even Ross and Rachel lol. Kagome actually ends up having to compete with her old incarnation, Kikyo, for Inuyasha and her own soul. The concept of reincarnation that they use in the show is pretty interesting. Souls can be shared by multiple people, one person’s body can house multiple souls and different people have different sized souls.

(image via kagome higurashi)

The animation is really cute and even beautiful at times. Other times it’s kind of simple, almost Pokemon-like. Aside from one or two songs, I wasn’t really into any of the opening and closing theme songs. But I really loved the actual music that plays during the show. For fans of Ranma 1/2 and Uresei Yatsura, you’ll probably like Inuyasha because it’s written by the same adorable author, Rumiko Takahashi.

rumiko takahashi
(image via sunnyspot)

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I Get Stupified! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows XBox Game

Stupefying Death Eaters has been a blast.  Sadly, it is now over, for I have recently finished playing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 for Xbox 360.

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Hey everyone! it’s your girls of PCL here to announce our new radio show. It will be broadcasted Wednesdays from 7pm-8pm courtesy of Only for the Open Minded web radio station <3 We’d like to thank them for the opportunity and cannot wait til you hear all the cool mixes and topics we have anything from fashion advice from real experts to cat minute. Bring your feline friend to the computer from some cat chatter! <3

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A Brief Note Regarding “I’d Hit It”

“I’d Hit It” refers to a phrase commonly used in a conversation between men on the Internet, when they are presented with the photograph of a woman who does not meet their standards for attractiveness. One would say “I’d hit it” to express that, if offered the opportunity in another hypothetical reality, he would have sex with that woman one time, and then dismiss her since it had already been established that she was not worth pursuing a relationship with. It should be noted that in fact, these standards are highly inflated and in reality these men would sleep with, and date, someone far less attractive even than the photograph. The expression can also be used to connote that the woman in question, although physically attractive, is in some other way undesirable due to any number of character flaws.

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Vanessa Hudgens in Beastly mary kate olsen in beastly
Photo by Todd Anderson

I went with Margot and Vanessa to see this at Universal Citywalk and it was awesome. One of us cried. I won’t say who because that’s embarrassing, j/k its cute. Basically, this highschool dude gets his face cursed by the evil Olsen twin and the only way to remove the curse is to get Vanessa Hudgens to fall in love with him. A Jamaican lady and Doogie Howser play the roles of the Teapot and the Candlestick. Everyone did a great job, even Doogie, who got to play a non annoying, non a-hole for once. In case you were worried, the beast guy’s face is way grosser in the movie than in the preview. Vanessa thought it wasn’t gross enough so maybe I’m just really sensitive to faces with gaping wounds and long, open cracks. I love teen movies! I also love fantasy stuff, so this is like the perfect time for me to be alive. Going to see Red Riding Hood tonight, duh. Oh yeah, and Citywalk was off the hook! There were people grinding like 6 inches away from my face. Loved it.

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Intel Core Processor KPop

SNSD, the official girl group of Korea, has come out with a musical masterpiece about Intel Core Processors. This is definitely the direction that pop music should be headed in right now – a massive amount of girls singing about computer hardware. The lyrics are totally weird. Somehow they incorporated disturbing sexual innuendos with love metaphors about microprocessors. 2011 is turning out to be another great year for kpop.

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RuRu Review

The girls got totally Leotarded, last week, on Rupaul’s Drag Race season 3. The girls had to split into two teams once again. Only this time they were challenged to make a work out video with some, on set criticism, from the legendary workout lady, Susan Powter. “STOP THE INSANITY!”

Alexis Mateo, with her cross training workout, Lipgloss Thingamagiggy pull, won the challenge. A $2500 gift certificate to gilt.com.

We found out some shocking, well not so shocking, info about one of the big girls on this week’s untucked. She admitted to sleeping with men who actually thought her a biological woman. Scandelouso. Stacy Laynn Matthews (may have misspelled that).

Mimi Imfurst and India Ferrah, the least attractive queens, were in the bottom two. Not because of their lack of good genes but because India was boring and her runway outfit was tooo much. Mimi was just over the top and unorganized.
During thier lipsync for life Mimi got hands on and lifted India right off the ground.
DSCF0115 DSCF0116

Rupaul told Mimi,”Drag is not a contact sport. India Ferrah Shan Te you stay.” Mimi now Sa Shay away. I was so glad. Mimi can suck it. she needs to spend like hours, days, weeks in a room all by herself then she’ll realize how annoying that scary clown mouth is.

I am still on team Raja yet, Manila Luzon is coming up quick.
Here are Raja’s Legs.

The guest judges were LaToya Jackson, who told a heavy queen Stacy that she looks like her relatives. haahahaha. Makeup super star Bobby B was another guest judge. Tonight it will be my dream girl! Chloe Sivigney!!
Lets hope we never see this face again.


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