Medieval Cyber Drag Fashion Tutorials

There are so many awesome ladies (and doods) out there who put a lot of time and effort into passing on their crazy-ass diy skills. Why not take their advice and make it my best looking year ever? With the help of the internet, we can all make 2011 the best looking year of all [...]

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More Kandi :D

We’re on the front page of! Right there on the bottom.

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Kandii Update

We did it! We made all these kandii cuffs! Go to or youtube (duh :p ) for tutorials if you’re down to make some. Tip: tighten the elastic string every time you put a bead on. You don’t have to keep it super tightened the whole time, just make sure to tug at it. [...]

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Omg. Margot has gotten me into making Kandi bracelets. We found the most awesome website,, probably the most awesome website ever besides this one They have so many patterns and tutorials. Check out all these amazing bracelets! Don’t mind her cat. That’s just her cat. So we’re going to watch Veronica Mars right now [...]

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korean fashion

My favorite trends I’ve been noticing on the streets of K-town are: 1. A GIANT shirt with a ridiculously cute or cartoony print on the front such as, a kitten crying with the caption ‘i lost my heart’ or a puppy eating a bow with the caption ‘i can’t stop loving.’ 2. A tiny ponytail [...]

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halloween day

they were having some crazy exhibition at royal t starring hello kitty. all these different artists made their own renditions of her. this one was the sexiest. it was tots packed. they even had a line to get into one of the little ‘store’ areas which was weird. i never waited in line to get [...]

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hamster kigurumi

margot’s making a hamster costume for halloween. cant wait! kigurumi pajama costumes are the bomb. total club gear. hamster show me love up in the club. **update** heres how it turned out! :p

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