Intel Core Processor KPop

SNSD, the official girl group of Korea, has come out with a musical masterpiece about Intel Core Processors. This is definitely the direction that pop music should be headed in right now – a massive amount of girls singing about computer hardware. The lyrics are totally weird. Somehow they incorporated disturbing sexual innuendos with love [...]

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New KPops November 2010!

Psy “Right Now” – I give this video ‘best sexy office dancing’ + ‘cutest room of 2 men’. Rainbow “Mach” – Here’s that stick hairdo I referenced in my hairstyle post. If our new kpop band ever performs, I’m totally going to wear this hair stick and kneel down so my bandmate can sing into [...]

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snsd/ke$ha controversy

there’s been some confusion over snsd’s new single “run devil run.” “people” were claiming that it was stolen from ke$ha.

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Forever H.O.T.

In 1996, something psycho happened. It was the first time that SM Entertainment, known today for spawning Girls’ Generation and S.E.S., donned their sorcerer’s capes and conjured up pure evil. Delving into the Korean mega-shadow, they unleashed a darkest magic: High… Five… of Teenagers. Techno, bubblegum, death rock and hip-hop? Yes! And classical, goth, industrial [...]

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