halloween party!

even tho we didn’t get any candy (what!) we still had an awesome night! margot played at monkey bucket‘s halloween show in little tokyo. her hamster costume was really cute/kkk. the guys from stoned koalas were head banging to rebel girl and we got sum cute shirts from toy attica cus they ruled. after that [...]

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halloween day

they were having some crazy exhibition at royal t starring hello kitty. all these different artists made their own renditions of her. this one was the sexiest. it was tots packed. they even had a line to get into one of the little ‘store’ areas which was weird. i never waited in line to get [...]

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hamster kigurumi

margot’s making a hamster costume for halloween. cant wait! kigurumi pajama costumes are the bomb. total club gear. hamster show me love up in the club. **update** heres how it turned out! :p

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