Foot Village, I.E. and clipping @9star Skate Park 1/29/11

Get your groove on with Foot Village, IE and Jonathan Snipes’s new band clipping @ 9star skate park. We’re celebrating Foot Village’s 7″ release of “Lovers With Iraqis“. Even if you don’t have a record player, you can still enjoy this record because it comes with temporary tattoos: Bring your board or blades or whatever. [...]

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Laco$te EP Release & Video Premiere w/I.E., Capt. Ahab, Oscillator and DJ Sara Tea @ Pehrspace 11/15/2010

Sean Carnage Monday Nights and Manimal Vinyl Present: Laco$te EP Release Party and Video Premiere with performances by Laco$te I.E. Captain Ahab Oscillator DJ Sara Tea and live visuals by Amos Natkin. I’m so excited for this! The Paradox of Time EP is awesome and features equally awesome dad art by Xenia’s dad. Check out [...]

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Deathbomb Digital Singles Club

What’s a tape? Who cares! Deathbomb Arc’s Tape Club is going digital. For ten bucks you’ll get 2 unreleased tracks from a different band every week for a whole year. Plus occasional bonus songs. That’s even better than Columbia House. F you Groupon! Get cool songs from Back To The Future The Ride, Captain Ahab, [...]

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Here’s a music video I made about this crazy nos trip i went on.

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In bandcamp…

IE  has a bandcamp account you can go there and download jams or just listen and get the latest and greatest of what IE has been doing musically. learn about each album and song!! check it out! IE BANDCAMP PAGE LISTEN FOR FREE!

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halloween party!

even tho we didn’t get any candy (what!) we still had an awesome night! margot played at monkey bucket‘s halloween show in little tokyo. her hamster costume was really cute/kkk. the guys from stoned koalas were head banging to rebel girl and we got sum cute shirts from toy attica cus they ruled. after that [...]

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