Hongdae Holidays

Leila Khastoo has recently started a series of KPOP (Korean Pop music) events. Each event has it’s own theme and is centered around Korean Pop music and the club scene that is popular in the area of Hongdae Seoul, South Korea. Come join us at her next event which will take place in Downtown Los [...]

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Intel Core Processor KPop

SNSD, the official girl group of Korea, has come out with a musical masterpiece about Intel Core Processors. This is definitely the direction that pop music should be headed in right now – a massive amount of girls singing about computer hardware. The lyrics are totally weird. Somehow they incorporated disturbing sexual innuendos with love [...]

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New KPops January 2011

Sistar is getting a lot of attention right now for their interesting dance moves, such as this butt wax move and their ability to dance in high heels, which only sometimes results in broken bones. This dance is so good! And those elegant neck caresses. Wow. Shiggooluh! I love the color grading in this video. [...]

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New KPops November 2010!

Psy “Right Now” – I give this video ‘best sexy office dancing’ + ‘cutest room of 2 men’. Rainbow “Mach” – Here’s that stick hairdo I referenced in my hairstyle post. If our new kpop band ever performs, I’m totally going to wear this hair stick and kneel down so my bandmate can sing into [...]

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broken internet hair stick

I was really sad last night because my internet stopped working. After eating about 60 cheezits, I decided to try this kpop inspired hairstyle. It’s a totally hot look right now. I’m pretty happy with it and I encourage you to try it. To achieve this style: grab some of your hair, rap 5+ ponytail [...]

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I like BoA now

BoA finally got me with her 2 latest singles. She’s been making #1 albums in Korea and Japan since she was like 13 but I couldn’t get into it until now. I’m into it!

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Techno Comeback in Men’s Harem Shorts

I’m so happy! Lee Jung Hyun returned to her techno roots this summer under the alias “Ava”. Her newest song is “Suspicious Man” and the video is suspiciously gay. She is reportedly still in China, prepping her English skills for a long-awaited duet with Lady Gaga. Even more gay. Koyote’s best comeback song so far [...]

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Baby V.O.X.

Kickin’ it old school with Baby V.O.X. in the house! Or as they would say “it’s time to bring that funky shit back back back back.” (image source: singer pictures) This was my favey kpop girl group back in the 90s/Y2K early millenium zone. Here’s why:

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Seo Taiji & Boys

In the late 80s, it was every god-fearing, mall-going, korean girl’s fantasy to experience her first romance with this man: image via lollipop adventures vbs (vacation bible school) was only tolerable because i got to watch my friends fight over every circle-glasses-wearing boy they could find. who is this man whose beautiful music inspired a [...]

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more k-pop aliens

the wonder girls’ new single “2 different tears” shows off their new member hae lim and stars bobby lee as a space alien!

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